Tuesday, November 12, 2013

 TOY Animal Crossing New Leaf Mascot Keychain 2 - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis  
   Takara Tomy ships the second set of characters for their Animal Crossing Mascot Keychain collection which features 10 characters and objects as follows:

Top row, from left
» Shizue
» Kento

Second row, from left
» Lisa
» Kaizo

Third row, from left
» Laramie

» Snowman

Fourth row, from left

» Bag of chocolate
» Chocolate Heart
» Vanilla ice cream
» Gift box

   Each figure measures 25mm or 0.98" in height and sports a little ring on the top and on the bottom. Why the double rings? So you can tether the mascots together in a chain as shown in the left side of the product photo below. Preorders for the sets are shipping today.

   In addition to the complete sets of ten, NCS is also offering sets of nine figures which don't include Shizue due to the uneven quantities of figures included in each carton. Due to the uneven quantities, we're also supplying just the five objects (Snowman, Bag, Heart, Ice Cream, Gift Box).

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 PS2 King of Fighters Maximum Game Pack - Sale Import, US$49.90 Free Shipping

NCS Product Synopsis 
   Brand new and factory sealed Japanese copies of:

 » King of Fighters Maximum Impact First Printing - Includes bonus booklet and
Making DVD in a slipcase
» King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 First Printing - Includes bonus booklet, Kyo & Iori standee, postcard set, and 'The King of Fighters: Another Day DVD-Video' in a slipcase.

    Shipped for US$49.90. Free shipping within the United States.