Wednesday, January 08, 2014

 PS2 Gundam Action Game Pack Vol. 1 - Import Sale US$56.90 Free shipping

NCS Product Synopsis 
   Three new and factory sealed Japanese Playstation 2 imports as follows:

Gundam One Year War / Bandai
» Gundam DX Federation VS. Zeon  / Bandai
 » Mobile Suit Gundam
/ Bandai

    Pricing US$56.90 which ships for free within the United States. Orders placed before 4PM EST ship today.

PSV To Love-ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy - Import Preorder Regular $69.90, Limited Edition $98.90

NCS Product Synopsis 
   Protagonist  Rito Yūki finds himself spirited to a strange new world where his mission is to descend into dungeons and rescue hapless cast members who hail from the To Love-ru Darkness franchise. Once rescued, the maidens provide interaction at Rito's home which the publisher describes as a 'harem.' Nay, an anime harem. In addition to the regular edition of the game, reservations are welcome for a limited edition which includes:

 » “Kiniro no Yami” (Golden Darkness) bed sheet measuring H2000mm x W1100mm (78.74 x 43.30")
 » “Momo” (Peach) bikini placard cord organizer which measures H100mm x W40mm (3.93 x 1.57")
 » DLC costume “Sexy Apron” download code

Product Specification
Publisher: Furyu
 Territory/Language: Japan
 Japanese Title:
To LOVEる-とらぶる- ダークネス バトルエクスタシー
 Official website:
 Jan Code: 4562240236220 /
VLJM-30072 | 4562240236237 / CSPJ-0049

 PS3 Sengoku Musou 4 - Import Preorder Regular $76.90, Treasure Box $149.90

NCS Product Synopsis 
   Preorders are welcome for Koei Tecmo's Sengoku Musou 4 which is available in a regular edition as well as a Treasure Box. Gamers can take control of 50 samurai generals including Yoshitsugi Otani, Yagyū Munenori, Takatora Tōdō, and Sanada Nobuyuki among many others.

    The first printing of the regular edition includes a bonus DLC for
a Sanada Yukimura "Samurai Warriors" costume download and a Sengoku Musou 4 microfiber towel which will be given away in a ratio. We're assuming a 50% ratio of towel to game so if we import 100 copies, we'll only receive 50 towels which will be given away to the first 50 customers.

 » Sengoku Musou 4
Sengoku Musou 4 character art book
» Sengoku Musou 4 postcard set (15 cards)
» Sengoku Musou 4 Original Soundtrack CD
» OVA "Chapter of Samurai Warriors ~ SP ~ Sanada" Blu-ray disc
» Anime Cel Card

    In addition to the PS3 version of the game, preorders for the Playstation Vita rendition of Sengoku Musou 4 are also welcome to ship on March 20, 2014.

Product Specification
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
 Territory/Language: Japan
 Japanese Title: 戦国無双4
 Official website:
 Jan Code: 4988615057953 / BLJM-61144 | 4988615059803 / KTGS-30255