Thursday, August 06, 2020

 TOYS ZOJIRUSHI Miniature Figure Vol. 1 - In Stock US$25.90

Product Synopsis
Electric appliances by Japanese manufacturer Zojirushi are miniaturized into minute toys suitable for Malibu Barbie's playhouse as follows:
 1. Rice cooker
 2. Electric kettle
 3. Coffee maker
 4. Hot plate
    Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2020. (Due to the COVID-19 problem, this item was delayed). The toys are randomly sold through gashapon dispensers in Japan but we'll gather up all four and supply them in a complete set.
 Product Specs
 Publisher: J. DREAM
 Dimension: L3.5cm (1.37") to L5cm (1.96")
 Material: PVC, ABS
 Product SKU: 4589984856682
 Japanese Title: ZOJIRUSHI ミニチュアフィギュア Vol.1
 Territory/Language: Japan