Monday, April 20, 2020

 TOYS Pullip/P-251 Sowrene - Import Preorder US$238.90

NCS Product Synopsis
    Everything changes when the soul of the bluebird flies. It's like an illusion .....

    Introducing a Pullip figure with a fascinating circus motif and styling! Sowrene is a maverick of the circus corps!
 She plays an active role in the circus by treating the mysterious creatures under the big top! The outfit with a gothic impression is made up of the opposite colors of the bright emerald green and bright red colors. The skirt and bolero are removable, and the provocative look is sexy and cute! The sparkling eyes are impressive with a strong sense of glitter. The basic tone of pink is refreshing The eye makeup has a perfect balance with the colors of the costume. You can open and close the bottom of the birdcage in your hand. It is also possible to take out strange creatures as part of Sowrene's performance. Also, both hands and handgrip parts have been added to the accessories according to the birdcage! There is no doubt that the posing will progress more than ever. Welcome to Sowrene, where you can keep an eye on us!

Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2020. 

Product Specs
 Manufacturer: GROOVE
 Dimension: H31cm (12.20")
 Material: ABS , POM , HIPS , TPR , Cotton
 Japanese Title: Pullip Sowrene(ソウレーン)
 Product SKU: 4560373834511  

 Territory/Language: Japan