Monday, May 24, 2010

TOYS R-Type Madou Gokin RWF-9A Arrow Head - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Fledgling Japanese toy manufacturer "A-Label" releases an R-Type RWF-9A Arrow Head diecast toy which is a limited to a mere 2000 units. The ship is made of ABS, PVC, and diecast metal which is packaged with a stand and a Force Unit. Upon opening up the surprising large retail box, a protective Styrofoam shell may be found inside. Slit the packing tape that covers all four sides of the shell to reveal the Arrow Head within along with a mounting stand, the massive Force Unit, and metal rods that are used to mount the parts that require mounting.

The Arrow Head looks good with fully painted body, transparent purple cockpit canopy, and a Force Unit that's positioned directly ahead of the ship. No, it's not floating on its own volition but mounted on a metal stalk that rises from the mounting stand. The Arrow Head measures 13cm or 5.11" in length and the complete Force Unit is almost as big as the ship itself. Preorders have shipped as of last week and new orders are welcome. One of our Japanese vendors is hoarding this particular toy and we'll be able to restock it if our inventory is depleted in the next few months. Japanese Product Name: R-TYPEシリーズ 魔導合金Rwf-9-A アロー・ヘッド

NDS Let's! Mangaka DS Style - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» A "mangaka" is a comic artist who usually uses pencils or pens to illustrate panels in a manga serial. Although manga sales in Japan have been dropping in the past few years, the sizable amount of comic book content created per annum ensures that legions of mangaka will continue working for the foreseeable future.

In Let's! Mangaka DS Style, players enter the world of manga by initially working as an assistant to a writer/artist in a production studio. By performing her duties well, the protagonist eventually gets to become a mangaka herself. The game features a comic toolkit which allows players to layout panels, draw line art, color, and ink pencils to create the final product. In addition to original works, preset images and stamps may also be used to create illustrations. Preorders are welcome to ship on July 29, 2010 at JPY4800 or US$53.90 from NCS.

NDS Odoru Daisosasen The Game Sensuikan ni Sennyuseyo

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Shunsaku Aoshima was a computer salesman who became dissatisfied with the business of peddling products. Aoshima decides to change careers and enters the police force after being trained as a detective. He's assigned to the Wangan Police Department by a board of elderly police officials who express some doubts as to his qualifications. However, there's a shortage of policemen in Japan and they grudgingly send him to Wangan to be a jurisdictional officer.

The Oforu Daisosasen (Bayside Shakedown) television series and movies were very popular in Japan and "The Game" adaptation arrives later this year. In the game, players take on the role of Shunsaku who battles the monsters of bureaucracy, professional animosity, apathy, and general inefficiency in the Japanese crime fighting ranks. The game is played by way of interactive sequences, cut scenes, and decision-making through a simple menu system. A total of 50 missions may be explored and solved by using intuition, clues, and investigation. Early preorders will ship with a bonus "Frog Express" touch pen which measures 13.6cm in length and is being given away by the publisher in 50% ratio. Preorders ship on July 15, 2010.

NEWS Japanese Release Outlook - Arrivals on Wednesday-Thursday


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Medarot DS: Kuwagata Version


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DeathSmiles IIX Limited Edition [Ditto] Cave

DeathSmiles IIX Stick



Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo

NEWS USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Monday-Thursday

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Modnation Racers Sony
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Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers Atari
UFC 2010 THQ

SOTW SS Pro Commander for Sega Saturn - Clearance

NCS Sale of the Week Offering: May 24, 2010
Original Release in Japan: July 10, 1996
«©NCSX» Brand new and factory packaged SS Pro Commander for the Sega Saturn which is the only controller we've ever stocked that is packed with a user manual that's as big as a poster. Really. As big as a poster to explain the myriad functions that the controller is capable of. The special buttons on the face of the joypad are: SLOW, PLAY, EDIT, TEACH, STEP, TIME, COPY, DEL which means that gamers can pull of moves, store them, and then replay them ad infinitum. While supplies last, NCS will include a bonus SS Pro Commander Memory Card which plugs into the bottom of the joypad. Optec used to sell the memory cards separately instead of being good blokes and including them with each controller.

Product Condition
NCS' remaining inventory is brand new and factory boxed in the original cardboard containers. The packaging is in very good
structural shape but there is denting and scuffing n the cardboard due to years of warehouse-to-warehouse transport and storage. NCS' inventory does not suffer from "sun-fading" which is caused when product are left out in the open so that sunlight bleaches and fades the colors from once-pretty packaging.

Sale Offering

Pricing per SS Pro Commander is set at US$25.90 each. If you reside in the USA, NCS recommends USPS Media Mail shipping for the most economical domestic service. For our customers outside the USA, NCS recommends normal Airmail International service. «Photo Gallery»