Monday, August 30, 2010

TOYS Chi's Sweet Home Patapata Sukinano Plush - Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» The Chi's Sweet Home plushes that arrived last month sold like cheezeburgers with a side of fries. Japanese manufacturer Omron follows up their Chi's plush success with another trio of Chi's toys that are shipping in December.   

   In the new collection, Chi is hugging a banana but no one knows why. NCS is aware that the banana is a flavorful fruit that is enjoyed by millions but embracing a banana is taking the love to another level. Each Chi plush measures 10cm or 3.93" tall and three variants are available - the first Chi has wide-open eyes and is grabbing onto a pastel-blue banana while the second chi is squinty-eyed and holds a natural yellow-colored banana. The final Chi is wide-eyed and hangs onto a pink banana. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2010 at US$16.90 per plush.

TOYS Chi's Squirrel Nightmare

PSP God Eater Burst Accessory Set - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Playstation Portable accessory sets from Hori normally include a cushiony carrying case to contain any version of the handheld. The upcoming God Eater Burst Accessory Set breaks from convention and eschews the carrying case in favor of a Playgear Pocket which is basically form-fitting plastic PSP armor. In addition to the armor, two UMD cases and three sheets of decals are included in the GEB Accessory Set. Preorders are welcome to ship on October 28, 2010 at JPY2000 or US$28.90 NCS.

MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol. 134 - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The September 9, 2010 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes news on the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:
» The PS3 Gran Turismo 5 Racing Pack with the Titanium Blue PS3 is featured in the Express news section of the magazine.
» Preview on NDS Super Robot Wars L which will include mechs from Macross F, Evangelion, Gundam Seed Destiny, and many more.
» PSP Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity special interview and sketches of the different character classes that appear in the game.
» Wii No More Heroes Desperate Struggle preview.
» The upcoming Playstation Move tiitle Nikudan looks good as does Makaimura II for the iPhone and iPod touch..  
» Famitsu checks out the upcoming X360 DoDonPachi port.
» Beverages including "Mitsuya Cider, "Collagen White," and "The Half Orange" are this week's PICK UP FOOD selections.
» Famitsu normally features women in the "Idol Studio" but this week, they interview some dude from the band KAT-TUN who sort of looks like a girl.

Wii Sonic Colors - Import Preorder

From the Publisher   
   The diabolical Dr. Eggman has hatched another plan for world domination! He has built an amazing interstellar amusement park, floating in space around Sonic’s home planet, bursting with incredible rides and attractions. However, all is not as it seems as Dr. Eggman has abducted an alien race called Wisps and is harnessing their colorful energy to fuel a sinister plot. However, before Dr. Eggman completes his evil plans, Sonic discovers his mysterious theme park in space. When he arrives, Sonic finds he is also able to use these alien powers and is ready to help! Sonic will need all his speed and skill as he faces this test, but, empowered by the alien energy, its a test he'll pass with flying colors!
Game Features
• Non-stop high-speed action
• Collect and engage the new power-ups derived from the colored energy of the Wisps!
• Unique Color Power for Wii™ and Nintendo DS™
• Perfect blend of 3D & classic 2D perspectives on Wii, and solid 2D dual-screen gameplay on Nintendo DS!
   Early preorders will include a bonus Sonic data card which may be used with the Rekishi Taisen Gettenka coin-op game.

NEWS General Updates

PS3 Jailbreak Ban Upheld
 This morning's Sidney Morning Herald brings news of Sony's successful temporary injunction against the Playstation 3 Jailbreak. Tomorrow, they'll try for a permanent ban on sales of the Jailbreak in Australia.
Japan Policy Ease
We made a trade last week on the dollar vs. yen which is sort of working. Overnight, the Bank of Japan did what we expected but the market's reaction was unexpected. The stop remains at 84; the first target is 88 and we'll pyramid the position if it goes our way.

Release outlook for the week

 NEWS Japanese Release Outlook - Arrivals on Thursday
NDS Nintama Rantarou: Gakunen Taikousen Puzzle! Russel
PS3 Bayonetta - Best Sega
Bleach: Heat the Soul 7
  White Breath: Perfect Edition Piacci
  White Breath: Perfect Edition Limited Edition Piacci
Wii Metroid: Other M Nintendo
 NEWS Domestic USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Mon-Wed
NDS Camp Rock: The Final Jam Disney
PS3 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition EA
PSP Valkyria Chronicles 2 Sega
Wii Metroid: Other M Nintendo
  Guilty Party Disney