Wednesday, September 20, 2023

PS5 PlayStation 5 Digital Edition God of War Ragnarök Console Bundle (2022) $420/each

 Product Synopsis

   This is a new console bundle that a customer had us pick up from Best Buy and he asked us to install a 4TB internal drive inside. We were planning on shipping it tomorrow along with a Playstation TV but he found out that this is the "DIGITAL ONLY" console without a Blu-Ray drive which he doesn't want. So, we're going to remove the 4TB internal drive and sell the bundle at a discount. The accessories inside are untouched but we did take the PS5 out of the box to install the internal drive, which will be removed prior to shipping since he wants to install it in the PS5 with disc drive which we'll be ordering for him.  

   Local NYC pickup preferred. Pay online, pick up in person from our main office or warehouse.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: SONY
UPC Code: 711719558392

Territory/Language: USA/English