Wednesday, February 02, 2011

 X360 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 was released just a few months ago but the "Black Label" version is already here. What does the "Black Label" version of the game feature that the previous 1.5 release didn't? For starters:

» The capacity to unleash vulcan shots and lasers at the same time. A new "Red Mode" in Black Label adds an energy bar on the top of the screen which tracks the simultaneous usage of the vulcan and laser. Use both weapons too much and the bar changes to a red color which ramps up the difficulty level of the game. Stop shooting both weapons at the same time and the difficulty ramp eventually subsides.
» Updated ship selection process where players choose the fighter followed by the choice of bomb-type, power-type, or strong-style (easy, medium, hard) and then opt-in or out for auto-bomb.
» The music in Black Label has been replaced entirely with tracks by Manabu Namiki, Yoshimi Kudo, Noriyuki Kamikura, and Azusa Chiba which are pretty sweet ear candy.
» The onslaught from the final boss Hibachi's attack is ferocious and magnificent and much tougher than 1.5.

 TOYS Water Turtle (Midori Gan) Strap X Magnet Gashapon

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX»  Turtles are probably immortal. Along with anecdotal evidence from our forebears in the Far East and this NYT article, NCS has owned a bunch of turtles in the States for nearly 3 decades now. They're still as lively and boisterous (especially around lunch time and dinner time) as ever and they'll likely outlive us by at least a century.

   Turtle toys aren't too common in Japan but we generally grab a few factory cases whenever they're released just for our own pleasure. Japanese manufacturer Kitan Club has announced a set of Water Turtle Strap X Magnet gashapon which feature red-eared sliders and albino sliders. Some of the rascals are hiding in their shells while others are walking towards some unseen destination. A strap is tethered to each turtle and a magnet allows for adhesion to metallic surfaces. 

 NEWS General Updates  

Snowstorm NYC
The weather isn't monstrous but it's sort of bad out there. We don't expect any package pickup delays but we'll post another update later today if UPS decides to call in their drivers early due to inclement weather.
X360 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label - Shipping Today
An early shipment of DDPDBL arrived today and we're processing an shipping roughly 70% of our preorders this afternoon. The remainder will ship tomorrow when the rest of our shipments arrive.