Friday, September 05, 2008

Fantasm Soldier Valis Vol. 1 - New Import, In Stock

Yuko Asao and Reiko Kirishima were friends and then enemies in the original Mugen Senshi Valis (Valis: The Fantasm Soldier) game on the Mega-Drive. That was all the way back in December 1991 when platform titles were all the rage. It's been a while since Valis saw any new action but toy manufacturer Millennium has producced a set of capsule toys based on the two girls from the first Valis game. The figures are:

» Yuko Asao - full-figured warrior with sword and removable clothing
» Reiko Kirishima in her "evil" persona with skimpy outfit and weapon
» Yuko Asao bust figure where the Vecanti warrior arches upwards
» Reiko Kirishima matching bust figure with similar arching posture

Pricing is set at JPY500 per gashapon from Millennium and the toys are normally sold randomly in gashapon dispensers in Japan. Since we're into supplying complete sets, we've pored through the gashapon bags and assembled the figures into complete sets of four
figures. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome. «Photo Gallery»

General Update

Other Toys Also Shipping
The Super Mario Mascot Light Series 2 arrived late yesterday and preorders have shipped already. We might be sold out by the time this is posted but we'll throw up a photo gallery on Monday if we have any remaining sets for our own use. The new
Shonen Jump 40th Anniversary Sofubi Figures arrived today but way too late to make it into today's update. We'll post a photo gallery and more details on Monday.
The Vacation That Never Ended?
One of our Japanese suppliers went on holiday last month and notified us but it appears they have gone out of business. None of our preorders have been processed in the past month and emails + faxes have gone unanswered. Phone calls to them lead to a machine with no ability to leave a message. This shouldn't affect our upcoming preorders too much but we're guessing the deposits we wired to them are gone. We're in the process of shifting some order/preorders over to other vendors but we'll try to minimize the impact that this will cause in the next few months.
Weekly Famitsu Skips a Week
The next issue of Weekly Famitsu (Vol. 1031) will arrive on Friday of next week since they're skipping publication this week. As usual, annual subscriptions are welcome.

Stretch Panic for USA PS2 - Clearance

Original Update: August 28, 2001

«©NCSX» Treasure, the masters of cult gaming return once more to beguile gamers with a left-of-center release that's frustrating, somewhat confusing, and sort of kooky. Players take control of an impish young girl named Linda who embarks on an action-filled romp to save her twelve sisters from the Demons of Vanity. Linda's special skill allows her to stretch, deform, and twist anything in her way to overcome obstacles and adversity.

Linda doesn't use her hands to stretch her surroundings like most normal imps. She uses a prehensile scarf with fingers on the end which whips forward and plucks objects and enemies with ease.

Sale Offer
NCS' remaining inventory of Stretch Panic for the USA PS2 is brand new, factory sealed, and in mint condition. Price: $18.90 per copy which includes "free shipping" within the U.S. by USPS Media Mail Service.