Wednesday, September 08, 2010

iPhone Space Invaders iPhone 3G/3GS Case - Japanese Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Forego the plain iPhone cases that have invaded the market because they're dull and boring. Taito knows this. To liven up the iPhone case space, Taito enters the market with a set of three Space Invaders cases that are special. When you whip out your iPhone which is enclosed in a Space Invaders case, at least one passerby will likely exclaim, "That iPhone is bawlin'" and then attempt to relieve you of it.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late November 2010 at US$25.90 each. Please note that the Space Invaders cases are a limited distribution item from Taito that will only be released in Japan.  

TOYS Super Mario Bros Plush & Mascots - Japanese Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Some guys roll into town on a sweet 1970s station wagon with authentic wood paneling on the side. Can you say "vintage?" Other guys go to town on a horse. Y'know, those animals with four legs that whinny and can split a man's head open with one kick. Then there's Mario.

   Mario rides on a beast named Yoshi. Keep in mind that Mario weighs at least 250 lbs before lunch so Yoshi's carrying a real heavy load. If the visual of Mario upon Yoshi isn't materializing in your mind, Japanese manufacturer Sanei's going to get you clued in very soon. The Mario + Yoshi plush measures approximately 12" tall and the two heroes are sewn together so they're inseparable. It's unclear from the preorder details if the plush is capable of standing on its own but our guess would be NO... mainly because Mario weighs a lot.

   In addition to the Mario + Yoshi plush, preorders are welcome for a large number of other Super Mario Bros plushes from Sanei which are all shipping out in mid-late December 2010.  

TOYS Mari Illustrious Motokei Plug Suit Revoltech - Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Mari Makinami of Evangelion fame finds herself rendered in a fourth toy but unlike the previous three fixed-posed figures, Mari's movable in her upcoming Revoltech turn. The congenial Evangelion handler is wearing an old school plugsuit along with her trademark red-rimmed glasses. Her faint smile is Mona Lisa-esque which makes Mari enigmatic. Sort of. Thanks to the multiple Revoltech joints located in the figure, Mari may be positioned into all sorts of poses and postures including standing, kneeling, and pointing.

   Props included with the figure include a helmet with visor, five pairs of hands, an extra face, a square base for display purposes, and a mounting stand which plugs into the base. A Revoltech Coin is also included which may be redeemed in Japan once you collect enough of them. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2010 at JPY3800 or US$43.90.

TOYS Warehouse Removal Item #1 Broken Mario 50cm Statue

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» NCS imported a bunch of Mario Statues from Japanese manufacturer Weccle Ats back in 2007. Pricing was US$279 each. Most of the statues arrived intact and suitable for sale. Some didn't. According to our records, three of the statues got busted up in the same way - a major fracture of Mario's right arm along with additional stress damage on the left arm. The reason was because Weccle Ats used a form-fitting cardboard box to ship the Mario statues and if anything smacked the side of the box where Mario's elbow was jutting out, Mario's elbow got cracked. Dumb, right?

   We've been clearing out the old warehouse and we found one of the Mario statues that got busted up. We've included photos of the damage so a prospective buyer can see exactly what he or she's getting into. From the front, Mario looks great but he's all cracked on the back. To add insult to injury, the middle finger on Mario's left hand got severed but we're fairly certain that it can be re-attached with a liberal slather of glue.

   NCS is selling the Mario statue item AS-IS. We have about 2 more weeks before we vacate the old warehouse and most of the inventory has been moved or sold. We'll try selling whatever remains over the next few days in single lots as well as bulk lots. «NCS Photo Gallery» 

JAMMA Warehouse Removal Item #2 Nine JAMMA Boards

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Back in the 90s when arcades were viable, NCS traded JAMMA boards with Japanese vendors on a weekly basis. We still do some trading but the frequency is down to twice a year. This listing is for nine somewhat dusty JAMMA boards and we're pretty sure some of them are broken. We don't have a cabinet at the old warehouse to test them and we're not sure what some of them are but we'll list details on each board below:

JAMMA #1: Sega 1987, 1989 - Might be a Shinobi System-16 board
JAMMA #2: Sega 1987, 1989 - Ajax Board (Boot-up error - bad eprom?
JAMMA #3: Konami and Video System logos on board
JAMMA #4: Konami, Banpresto, and Video System logos on board
JAMMA #5: Konami logo on board and Konami imprint on some chips
JAMMA #6: Namco logo on board along with mounted daughterboard
JAMMA #7: Memetron 1985 printed on top of board
JAMMA #8: Label on the top of the board reads "Top Gunner."
JAMMA #9: Konami logo on top along with Interlogic sticker

¹ A note attached to the Ajax board indicates that it returns an error message during the initial bootup sequence.

   Since we're not sure what most of the boards are, whether or not all the boards work, and because we won't have the time to test them this year, we're listing them at US$65.90 for the set of nine which includes free UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the continental USA. If you're able to fix the bootup sequence on the Ajax board with an eprom redump, that's worth at least $50 by itself.

   When we were checking the boards, a blue capacitor started rolling around in the box that they were in. We'll include the loose cap in the shipment. NCS is selling the JAMMA boards AS-IS. We have about 2 more weeks before we vacate the old warehouse and most of the inventory has been moved or sold. We'll try selling whatever remains over the next few days in single lots as well as bulk lots. «NCS Photo Gallery» 

DC Warehouse Removal Item #3 Broken Cha Cha Amigos

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» This product listing is for two Cha Cha Amigo Maracas controllers for the Sega Dreamcast which were released sometime in 2000. The controllers were designed for use with Sega's Samba de Amigo game. They're complete and packaged in the original retail box but the controllers have operation errors where the spatial motion was occasionally not detected. Why? We're not sure. Maybe the manufacturer EMS botched a few of the controllers or shipped them out without doing the proper quality control.

   Each controller set includes the following items:

» Pair of wired Maracas controllers which are filled with plastic "seeds" so they produce the classic maracas sound
» A control base which plugs into the Dreamcast

   While the maracas probably won't find much utility nowadays, they are a curiosity piece in case anyone ever starts a Dreamcast museum and shows the public how a niche controller was once produced to address the demand for Samba de Amigo maracas. NCS is selling the Cha Cha Amigo controllers AS-IS. We have about 2 more weeks before we vacate the old warehouse and most of the inventory has been moved or sold. «NCS Photo Gallery» 

PS1 Warehouse Removal Item #4 GoldFinger x 33 pieces

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» A few years ago, a pipe burst in the old warehouse and the water moistened a bunch of stuff including 11 cartons or 66 pieces of the Evangelion Perfect Grade kits which were worth about $9000. That was a great day. Most of the "moistened" stock was sold a while ago but we still have a few cartons of stuff - like this box of 33 GoldFinger accessories with slightly crinkly boxes. The GoldFinger works with the original gray Playstation and plugs into the parallel port. Functions include:

1) Cheat Code - Use Game Shark codes and Pro Action Replay cheats
2) Memory Manager - Copy and manage data between memory cards
3) Graphics viewer - View graphics and animations on game discs
4) Import game play - Plays Japanese imports with a simple swap method

   A communications port is located on the top of the unit which allows for the updating of the rom or cheat codes. The internal ram is a full 2M for storing game cheat codes, anti-mod code routines, etc. The packaging includes a coiled spring to keep your PS lid open while you swap discs for import play. English instructions are included in the packaging. Pricing is US$50.90 for the 33 GoldFingers with free shipping which breaks down to $1.54 each. Sell them for $3.00 at the state fair and double your money.

ASSTD Warehouse Removal Item #5 Four Console PC-Boards

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» We once had free reign in the business of console mods but the world changed and NCS' daily trade went in another direction. Doing so many mods every week back then led to the procurement of a lot of surplus boards that we kept in stock for testing, hacking, and development. This product listing is for four console boards as follows (from the upper left of the photo and going clockwise):

1) Sony Playstation SCPH-100x console board
2) Gamecube console board with heat sink intact
3) Sega Saturn console board
4) Sega Dreamcast console board

   The Playstation and Dreamcast boards have chips attached but since they're evil, we're going to remove them and toss them into the bin before shipping the boards to our customer. You can however admire the modification handiwork, the color-coded wiring, and the clean solder connections in the photos. Please note that the boards are most likely non-working and they're priced accordingly at US$35.90 for the complete set of four which includes free shipping by UPS Ground within the continental United States. If they do work, then we've made a dumb mistake in pricing them too low. NCS is selling the console boards AS-IS. We have about 2 more weeks before we vacate the old warehouse and most of the inventory has been moved or sold. We'll try selling whatever remains over the next few days in single lots as well as bulk lots. «NCS Photo Gallery»