Thursday, December 31, 2009

NEWS General Updates

Holiday Business Hours
NCS will close early today at 5PM EST. We'll be shipping packages with the US Postal Service today since UPS isn't doing normal pickups. Tomorrow is New Year's Day so we'll be away but business will resume on Monday of next week. The release roster looks light for the first week of January 2010 but we expect NDS Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep to arrive by Thursday. We'll also start shipping the USA versions of Bayonetta on Monday.
PS3 Demon's Souls
...was our best selling USA game of the past week. It's unclear why the game started selling so well again since the last big sales day for DS was back in mid-November. On the Japanese front, X360 Mushihimesama Futari sales are spiking again. Again, we're not sure know why.
New Year's Eve
Trading in 2009 was improved from 2008. Maybe there's some potential in this video game business. NCS wishes everyone a Happy New Year.