Wednesday, March 23, 2022

TOYS Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi Trading NordiQ Keychain (2022) Preorder $90.98/box

Product Synopsis
   The Ranma 1/2 franchise is revived once again in two sets of Nibun no Ichi Trading Nordiq display figure keychains. The two types are:

» Acrylic Display Stand
» Mini Art Frame

   The cast of characters featured are:

(01) Ryu Kumon
(02) Ryu Kumon
(03) Akane Tendo
(04) Hibiki Ryo Fang
(05) Shampoo
(06) Tatewaki Kuno
(07) Moose
(08) Ukyo Kuonji
(09) Genma Saotome
(10) Pantyhose Taro

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2022. Each set includes 10 figures as shown in the product photos.

Manufacturer: Arma Bianca
Dimension: H64 x W64mm, 55 x 40mm
Material: Acrylic, PVC
Japanese Title:『らんま1/2』トレーディング NordiQ アクリルキーホルダー BOX
Japanese Title:『らんま1/2』トレーディング NordiQ ミニアートフレーム BOX
JAN Code: 4580759502131 / 4580759502155
Territory/Language: Japan