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 PSV Fate/Kaleid Liner: Prisma * Illya Limited Edition - In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
   "Prisma ☆ Ilya" is a animated spin-off adventure derived from "Fate / Stay Night" by "Hiroyamahiroshi" that aired starting on June 2013 and the Nintendo 3DS game follows in the footsteps of the animated series.

   Ilya attends the Homurahara Academy in Fuyuki City and the game follows her adventures and interactions in the school and neighboring environs.

The limited edition of the game includes:

1) "Prisma Ilya" Minitchu figure by Phat Company
2) Original voice-recording drama CD starring the anime cast
3) Special class "Rider" card
4) Fate/Kaleid puffy strap
Product Specs
Publisher: Marvelous
Jan Code: 4997766201627 / KAD-038
Japanese Title: Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ 限定版

Territory/Language: Japan


 MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1341 (Double Issue) - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
   The August 28, 2014 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage on the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:

» Preview for Biohazard HD Remaster which takes gamers back into the zombie-infested mansion when November 27, 2014 rolls around. The remake is shipping on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
» Atlus is remaking
Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard for the Nintendo 3DS and Famitsu looks at the upgrades and enhancements in the 3DS update..
» Marvelous' High School DxD: New Fight role-playing game is in development for the Playstation Vita.
» Famitsu reviews Wii U Zelda Musou (9/9/9/9) for Platinum and PSV Bullet Girls (8/8/7/7) for Silver.
» Coin-op coverage on Shining Force Cross Exlesia from Sega.
» Bayonetta 2 preview for the Wii U.
» DLC for Lost Dimension, Sekai * Seifuku: Costume Fes, Puzzle & Dragons Battle Tournament, Freedom Wars, Chain Chronicle, and more.
» Interview with voice actress Yuu Kobayashi who has lent her vocal talents to characters in Arcana Heart 2, Steins;Gate, Senran Kagura, and more.
Product Specs
Publisher: Enterbrain
Jan Code: 4910218840847
Japanese Title: 週刊ファミ通 No. 1341 2014年8月21-28日合併号

Territory/Language: Japan

 PS3 Biohazard HD Remaster - Import Preorder US$39.90 each

Product Synopsis
   The hugely popular Biohazard series, having sold over 61 million units to date, returns to its roots with a remastered version of the critically acclaimed masterpiece, Biohazard. Originally released in 1996, Biohazard  was then “remade” in 2002 from the ground up with new visuals, gameplay elements, environments and story details whilst retaining the survival horror atmosphere the series had become synonymous for. Both fans of the franchise who want a trip down memory lane and those who are yet to experience the game that coined the term survival horror for the gaming world will appreciate this definitive re-visit of that iconic 2002 Biohazard  title.

   Using the latest resolution enhancement and 3D model technology, game resolutions and textures have been significantly upgraded, including 1080p support on next-gen consoles, resulting in characters and backgrounds coming to life in greater detail than ever seen before in
Biohazard. Not only will the graphics impress but the tense sound effects have been fully remastered with 5.1 surround support for a greater gaming atmosphere. Players are now able to choose not only between experiencing the terror at the classic 4:3 ratio or a stunning 16:9 widescreen mode but also the type of control scheme they play with. The classic control scheme remains for fans of the original play style or there’s an alternative scheme where the character moves directly in the direction of the analogue stick, utilizing the standards of the current generation of gaming. Both the control scheme and the display options can be toggled between at any time during gameplay.

The intense horror fans first experienced with the release of the original Biohazard is back. Taking place in the now notorious Raccoon City, players choose to take on the role of either S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) team member Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine who have been sent into the city to find the missing Bravo team. When the team is suddenly attacked by a ferocious group of mutated dogs, desperate for an escape they take shelter in the Mansion, but will they ever get out alive again? Players will need to be brave as they adventure through the dark, enclosed spaces searching out the horrors that await them. With limited ammo and survival items available gamers will need to keep their wits about them to survive the various traps and puzzles that greet them at every stage.
   Preorders for the regular edition of the game are welcome to ship on November 27, 2014, along with a Collector's Edition which is bundled with a 48-page art booklet and a mansion floor map.

oduct Specs
Publisher: Capcom
Jan Code: 4976219059121
Territory/Language: Japan


TOYS Super Mario 3D World Choco Egg - Import Preorder US$26.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Mario and Luigi are joined by a cast of characters in Furuta's upcoming collection of Super Mario 3D World Choco Eggs which are packaged 10 per box. Choco Egg toys are plastic figures placed inside green capsules which are then covered by chocolate. Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2014.
Product Specs
Publisher: Furuta
Jan Code:
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOYS Rebuild of Evangelion Shikinami Asuka Langley Test Plug Suit Ver - Preorder US$168.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   A markedly more mature rendition of Asuka Langley poses in her plug suit for Aizu Project's polystone sculpture of the fiery redhead of Evangelion fame. The figure is sculpted to 1/7 scale and measures 11cm or 4.33" tall. Preorders ship in late November 2014.

 Product Specs
 Manufacturer: Aizu Project
 Jan Code: 4528403901336
 Japan Title: エヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版 式波・アスカ・ラングレー テスト用プラグスーツVer
 Territory/Language: Japan


 X360 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu v1.5 Limited Edition - Sale US$78.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: November 29, 2010

«©NCSX» DDP Daifukkutsu starts innocently enough. A massive metallic-blue carrier enters a portal and exits elsewhere in the blink of an eye. The carrier zooms into the new locale trailing pink thrust and releases a single ship. That little ship in a one-man wrecking crew that's been sent into enemy territory to dismantle everything in its way with buckshot, lasers, and bombs. Fire may be concentrated into a single powerful shot or scattered so that the shots pepper outwards in a wide arc.

   The first stage starts over water where enemy copters swoop in to attack followed by enemy squadrons. After a short time over water, the battle commences over land where enemy ground armor gives offensive support to the aerial attackers. Twitch through the morass and you'll get to face an end-level boss which transforms from ship to humanoid robot. Throughout the stage, bullets fly through the air which can best be described as crossfire. In addition to the Arcade Mode of the game, two special Arrange Modes may be enjoyed by Xbox 360 shmup lovers. 
A button - Shoot. Hold down to fire concentrated laser
B button - If using Bomb Style, unleashes a bomb. If using Power Style, toggles shots
C button - Auto-fire without laser
D button - Trigger the hyper counter

   The limited edition of the game ships with a DoDonPachi Special Arrange CD with compositions by Kenji Itou and Kouta Takahashi.

Product Specifications
Publisher: Cave
Compatibility: Xbox 360 (Japan-Only)
Format: DVD-ROM Disc (Dual-Layer)
Territory/Language: Japanese
Japanese Product Title: 怒首領蜂 大復活(通常版)
Website: http://www.cave.co.jp/gameonline/Xbox360/daifukkatu/
Product SKU: F6G-00002
JAN Code: 4988648754393
Famitsu Ranking: (7/8/8/7)

Region Lock-out
   Please note Japanese Xbox 360 games will not boot on USA or European Xbox 360 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Japanese X360 game discs.  

 GB Pokemon Gameboy Collection File - Sale US$25.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Brand new and factory sealed Pokemon Gameboy Collection File plastic case which contains placeholders for six Gameboy and Gameboy Color Pokemon games as follows:

» Pokemon Blue
» Pokemon Red
» Pokemon Green

» Pokemon Gold
» Pokemon Yellow
» Pokemon Silver

   The case was originally released in 1999 and although designed for Pokemon game storage, it'll also hold any other Gameboy or Gameboy Color cartridge. Please note the Pokemon game cartridges are not included.

Jan Code: 4951135100201


 TOY Spirit Movie Minimates Box Set - Sale US$13.90 Free Shipping within USA

Product Synopsis
   Celebrate the astonishing 70th anniversary of The Spirit with this Minimates box set containing key characters from Frank Miller's all-new feature film! Bring home The Spirit, the beautiful Sand Saref, the brilliantly twisted Silken Floss, and of course the Spirit's arch nemesis, the man in the shadows, the Octopus! Each Minimate stands 2" tall with 14 articulation points and accessories from the movie!

UPC: 699788400531