Thursday, August 24, 2017

 NSW Monster Hunter XX - Import Arrival Tomorrow $59.90

Product Synopsis
   Monster hunting reaches the Nintendo Switch!

» Spectacular monster hunting histrionics rendered in crystal clear graphics, with a free-play style. The Nintendo Switch-style hunting life, now begins!
» Brilliant graphics on the big screen at home or on the go. Hunting experiences that combine scenes! [TV mode: 1080p] Realistic hunting on a big screen. [Mobile mode: 720p] Take spectacular hunting anywhere you go. LAN play is available to play with your Nintendo Switch companions. Up to 4-player multiplay! Play with your Nintendo 3DS companions with LAN play!
» Menu display optimized for Nintendo Switch! Screen displays such as the hunting technique gauge and target camera icon create an easy to read layout on one screen for smoother gameplay. The equipment production screen has also been fine-tuned for easier play! Equipment visuals, performance, and the materials needed to produce them, are all displayed together.
 About Nintendo 3DS Save Data

 » Mutual transfer with MHXX on Nintendo 3DS! Go online to transfer your saved data from the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo Switch. You can also transfer data from Nintendo Switch to Nintendo 3DS.
 » Transfer your MHX data to the Nintendo 3DS version! Players who haven't yet played Monster Hunter XX can transfer their saved data from Monster Hunter X on Nintendo 3DS over the internet. Mutual transfer of saved data requires an internet connection, a Nintendo 3DS handheld, and a data transfer app (free) for the Nintendo 3DS.
 » Content transferred from Monster Hunter X for Nintendo 3DS to Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo 3DS will be identical.

    Preorders are welcome to ship on August 25, 2017

 Product Specs

 Publisher: Capcom
Japanese Title: モンスターハンターダブルクロス Nintendo Switch Ver.
 Product SKU: 4976219086301 / HAC-P-AAB7A
 Compatibility: Nintendo Switch (Region-Free)
 Language: Japanese

 TOYS Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi: Iroha PVC Figure - Import Sale $96.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: January 16, 2008
«©NCSX» The warrior maiden named Iroha made her first appearance in the Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi game and the rest is history. She's captured the fancy of toy sculptors and fans alike with her attractive disposition and her winged-outfit in black and white.
   Previous sculpts of Iroha have depicted her a pair of blades flaring and apparently ready to slash but Griffon's new 1/6 scale or 16cm (6.29") tall rendition shows the softer side of Iroha. Her weapons named Hourin and Ousai lay flat to her side and are incapable of spilling any blood. Iroha is becalmed and perhaps even reflective as she sits on the ground and looks to the left. She also shucks off her slippers so that her bandaged feet are exposed to the air. If one examines Iroha's fingernails and toenails, they're painted a pretty crimson color.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT. 
Product Spec
Manufacturer: Griffon
Japanese Title: サムライスピリッツ天下一剣客伝 いろは
JAN Code: 4582221150772
Language/ Territory: Japan