Friday, March 02, 2018

 TOYS Tanuki and Fox Mascot Figure Set - Import Preorder US$23.90

Product Synopsis  
   The rascals from the Tanuki and Kitsune comic by Atamoto (Twitter @atamotonu) are rendered into a quintet of miniature mascot figures which measure approximately an inch in height. The five styles are:

1. Tanuki and Kitsune
2. Tanuki eating rice cake
3. Kitsune eating rice cake
4. Cute Tanuki
5. Lounging Kitsune 
Order Details
  Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2018.
The mascots are normally only sold through gashapon dispensers in random fashion but we'll gather up all five and supply them in a complete set.

 Product Specs

 Dimension: H2.9cm (1.14")
 Material: PVC
Product SKU:
 Japanese Title: タヌキとキツネ フィギュア 全5種セット
Territory/Language: Japan