Thursday, November 30, 2006

Zoids Battle Colosseum

Based on the Zoids Card Colosseum arcade game which was built on Taito Type X hardware, Zoids Battle Colosseum on the NDS attempts a faithful conversion and succeeds for the most part. Players take control of a blue-haired lad and a Zoids mecha which attacks by way of janken (rocks-scissors-paper) selections which are triggered by stylus taps. During a battle, players trade janken moves with an opponent - for example, if you tap on the hammer icon and the opponent chooses scissors, your Zoids wins the match and is shown barreling into the enemy or firing a missile attack which damages the enemy. This goes on until one Zoids loses all of its HP. A supporting cast of characters add interactive foil to the adventure and the battles run hot and heavy after the first match. «NCS Game-Notes»

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