Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kamen Rider Kabuto

After a meteorite devastates Shibuya and levels it entirely, a young woman named Hiyori Kusakabe begins her story. Along with the meteorite that fell, alien creatures known as Worms perpetrate and propagate. In the first episode of the television series, protagonist Tendou Souji is walking on wooden shoes and carrying a bowl of tofu in water when he makes a grand pronouncement about the meaning of his name and grandma's wisdom. Since birth, Tendo was destined to become a Rider and he works towards that end by destroying alien Worms and protecting a young woman named Hiyori Kusakabe from danger.

Tendou's alter-ego is Kamen Rider Kabuto and he teams up with Kamen Rider Gatack to defend the planet from the assault of the alien Worms. The PS2 game follows the story and major battles of the television series closely. This is in evidence upon starting the game which recounts the events of the first episode of KRK where a squad of Zectroopers battle a group of Worms in an underground garage. The first level of the game puts the player in control of one member of the Zectroopers while the others are controlled by the COM. For a while, they'll just stand around but after a few seconds, they get down to business. «NCS Game Notes»

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