Friday, April 23, 2010

PSP Ys Felghana no Chikai + Bonus CD - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Falcom released Ys III: Wanderers from Ys for the PC back in 1989 and eventually ported the game to a number of consoles such as the PC-Engine, Famicom (still in our stock), Super Famicom, and Mega-Drive. A 3D PC remake subtitled "Oath in Felghana" was released in 2005 and Falcom returns to the till this week with a PSP conversion which is based on the 2005 PC remake which features 3D roaming and slashing action.

As the story begins, Adol Christian and Dogi are traveling to the town of Redmont where Dogi grew up. As they near the town, the two heroes encounter monsters who are threatening a young girl. She turns out to be Elena Stoddart who's Dogi's childhood friend. After defeating the monsters, the trio enter Redmont and Elena brings Adol and Dogi up to speed on the happenings in town. Along with roaming monsters raising a ruckus, the town's mayor has gone missing and there are rumblings of a plan to revive a destructive monster named Galbalan "The Cruel Marauder."

The title screen displays the following options:

New Game | Load | Time Attack | Museum | Option

The Time Attack mode may be played in various levels of difficulty from "Very Easy" to "Inferno" and the Museum contains three selections for Prologue (introductory sequence), Gallery (character illustrations and artwork), and Movie (cinemas in the game).

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