Friday, April 23, 2010

PSP Knights in the Nightmare - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In Sting's Knights in the Nightmare S-RPG, players take control of a discarnate spirit known as a "Wisp" who guides a battalion of knights by taking over their bodies and bending them to its will. By commanding the knights thusly, skirmishes are fought against opposing forces on isometric grid-based battlefields.

Similar in style to other S-RPGs, the game is broken up into missions where objectives are presented along with a snippet of storyline. As missions are conquered, the Wisp and party level up in experience and are given the opportunity to improve weapons and items by utilizing material collected from the battlefield. Party members may also transfer vitality to compatriots in a process dubbed "Tran-Soul."
The wisp looks like a white tadpole which inhabits a knight under its control. To animate a knight, move the wisp onto his outline and continue until the square he's standing on lights up. Although the text in the game is primarily in Japanese, the speech is entirely English. Knights in the Nightmare has a learning curve and NCS recommends checking out the "Tutorial" to learns the ways of the Wisp before embarking on a proper adventure.

The new PSP conversion of Nights in the Nightmare features updated graphics and sound along with a brand new "Talk Collection" where characters in the game give backstory through dialogue sequences. The PSP game will also include a brand new cinematic introduction.

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