Tuesday, June 20, 2017

 OST Ray ’z Music Chronology - Import Preorder US$136.90

Product Synopsis 
     The music of Rayforce, Ray Storm, and Ray Crisis is collected into a 10-disc collection as follows:

Disc 01 Rayforce (Sega Saturn Edition) 
 » Disc 02 Rayforce (Arcade Version) 
 » Disc 03 Rayforce - Loving Beat - (Remix Version) 
 » Disc 04 Ray Storm (Album Version) 
 » Disc 05 Ray Storm (Arcade Version), Ray Storm - NEU TANZ MIX - (Remix Version Long Version Part 1) 
 » Disc 06 Ray Storm - NEU TANZ MIX - (Remix version long version second part) 
 » Disc 07 Ray Crisis (Album Version) 
 » Disc 08 Ray Crisis (Arcade Version) 
 » Disc 09 Ray crisp Rayons de l'Air (remix version) 
 » Disc 10 Ray Storm (Roquetto Version), Ray Crisis PS Version Additional Music, Pocket Ray (Pocket Station), ZUNTATA Arrange (3 Songs), BETTA FLASH Arrange 
    In addition to the music CDs, an interview booklet is included which offers insight on the development of the Ray games.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in mid October 2017.

  Product Specs

Product SKU: 7015017101201
  Japanese Title: Ray'z Music Chronology【エビテン専売商品】
Territory/Language: Japan

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