Friday, February 13, 2015

 XBO Azito X Tatsunoko Legends - Import Preorder US$53.90  

Product Synopsis
In Azito, the protagonist builds and manages a secret underground facility which develops secret weapons, monsters worthy of Godzilla screenings and war machines. Supported by an army of scientists, the secret installation sits on the cutting edge of exotic military research but to support the massive industrial complex, commercial items for the masses must also be developed and sold for revenue and profit. The secret base is independent of governments, thus the need for self-sufficiency and profitable products to peddle. 
   Played similarly to other resource management games, the goal in Azito is to keep research teams at the forefront of weapons development, manage resources and bolster your defenses against occasional attacks by rival underground and aboveground armies with heroes and antagonists culled from the Tatsunoko universe.

   Reservations are welcome to ship on March 19, 2015. This game is region-free and playable on North American Xbox One consoles.

Product Specs

Publisher: Hamster
Japanese Product Name: アジト × タツノコレジェンズ
JAN Code: 4549576008967 / H4N-00001
Territory/Language: Japan

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