Friday, February 13, 2015

 PSV Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai: Library Party Limited Edition - New Import US$108.90, In Stock

Product Synopsis
   Originally released on the Japanese PC in January 2013, publisher Kaga Create and developer Aria transport the Daitoshokan no Hatsujikai visual novel to the portable confines of the Playstation Vita. A new waitress named 'Koree'' (之江⾦⿂) along with her attendant scenario joins the cast of characters to add replay value for gamers who have already conquered the PC version of the game. The limited edition includes the following bonus items: 

» Visual booklet featuring illustrations and pinups of the cast with commentary from
Bekkankou & Natsuno
» Novella starring the new character 'Koree' written by Taku Sakakibara
» Set of 12 coasters decorated with the faces of the cast of characters
» Diecut keychain featuring new character Koree in SD form
» 'Crystal Calendar' illustrations card
» Good night voice CD featuring Shirasaki Tsugumi 
» Special binder case which stores everything and is suitable for bookshelf storage

   Preorders have shipped as of yesterday afternoon and new orders are welcome. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Kaga Create / Aria
Japanese Title: 大図書館の羊飼い-Library Party- 初回限定版[新]
Jan Code: 4562168548030
Territory/Language: Japan

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