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 TOYS Biohazard 4 Collection Figure Series 2 - Import Sale US$46.90/box

NCS Product Synopsis
Origina Update: May 4, 2006

«©NCSX» Japanese manufacturer Agatsuma releases the second series of Biohazard 4 Collection Figures which feature six standard figures and 1 secret figure which are randomly assorted in each factory sealed case. 
The standard figures in the series are as follows
» Leon Kennedy in regulation issue duds hefting a firearm
» Los Ganados Villager (female in apron who carries a blade)
» Weapons Merchant saddled with wares
» Ashley Graham sitting cross-legged atop a barrel
» Osmund Saddler
» Verdugo 

The secret character in the set is as follows
» A Ganado male wielding an axe in his right hand 

  The overall attention to detail in each figure is very good with creases in the clothing and in the case of the Ganados villagers, dirt and blood effects that are splattered on their clothing. Their weapons are however strangely devoid of any caked blood, gristle, or grime. 

   Each figure measures approximately 8cm or 3.14" tall and a base is included for display purposes. Each factory sealed case holds 6 randomly packaged trading figures and a piece of candy. Please note: There is no guarantee that each case will contain a complete set of six figures due to the inclusion of the secret Ganado figure in this particular series. Sale pricing per case of six figures is US$46.90. Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT. 

Product Spec
Manufacturer: Agatsuma
Dimension: H8cm (3.14")
Material: PVC
Jan Code: 4582198255074
Japanese Title: バイオハザード4 コレクションフィギュア2
Language/Territory: Japan

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