Thursday, February 23, 2017

 SALE Pokemon X / Y Bonus Yveltal and Xerneas Model Kits - Import Toy US$29.90

NCS Product Synopsis
     When Nintendo shipped Pokémon X / Y in Japan on October 12, 2013, the company also shipped a limited quantity of Yveltal and Xerneas Pokepura model kits to retailers such as Heiwado, Seven Eleven, Daiei, Toys R' Us, and Pokémon Center to bundle with the Pokémon game software. Each model kit includes decals to adhere onto the completed figure and a stand for display purposes. NCS' product listing includes both model kits as follows:

  Xerneas - Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon with blue and black color scheme and multiple antlers
  Yveltal - Dark/Flying Legendary Pokémon.with red and black color scheme and clawed wings
     Upon assembly, the Xerneas figure measures approximately 10cm (3.93") in height and the Yveltal figure measures 8cm (3.14") in height and are both made of plastic PVC. The figure pieces snap and plug into each other and no glue is required for assembly. NCS estimates the assembly time to be roughly one hour per figure. Orders placed before 4PM EDT ship same-day (M-F).

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