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 TOYS Real Action Heroes Captain Udon - Import Sale US$189.90/each

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: September 8, 2006

Udon is a thick noodle that's best served in a pork-based broth and sprinkled with a smattering of chopped scallions. A few slices of boiled egg and perhaps a bit of tofu may also be added... at least according to 'Gamma Reiko. Looking nothing like a noodle, Captain Udon is a spandex wearing superhero who made his debut in this summer's Udon movie directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro.
   Bowing on August 26, 2006 in Japan, Udon tells the story of a luckless 31-year old named Kosuke who accidentally discovers the power of good Udon and aspires to make it the national "soul food" dish of Japan. With help from a magazine editor named Kyoko Miyagawa and a costumed alter-ego, Kosuke conspires to create an Udon craze to be reckoned with.
   Medicom capitalizes on the Udon movie by shipping a Real Action Heroes figure featuring the hero of the movie. With a helmeted visage and a natty costume, Captain Udon battles the dangers of poorly prepared Udon and the evil that accompanies it. The RAH figure measures 300mm or 11.81" tall and is fully posable with articulated limbs and a twisty head. In addition to the default hands that are plugged into Cap'n Udon, two additional pairs of hands are included in the package along with Udon's battle staff.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Medicom
Dimension: H30cm (11.81")
Material: ABS&ATBC-PVC
Product SKU:
Territory/Language: Japan

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