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 PSP Dead or Alive Paradise Himitsu no Rakuen Box Edition - Import Sale $80.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: April 1, 2010

«©NCSX» Trek once again to Zack's island in the South Seas and engage in a medley of mini-games featuring the girls from Tecmo's Dead or Alive franchise. As a bonus for anyone who enjoys leering at nubile women in skimpy swimsuits, a guest appearance by Rio of pachislots game fame is also included in the PSP conversion of DOAP. Rio serves double duty as a casino dealer and a playable character in the mini-games.
Games that are playable in DOA Paradise
» Beach Volleyball - Run, spike, and bump the volleyball across the net
» Pool Hopping - Leap on floating blocks in a pool to reach other side
» Beach Flag - Race across the beach and be the first one to grab a flag
» Butt Battle - Two girls, two butts; let the butt bouncing battle begin
» Poker - The suit cards feature images of the girls in swimsuits
» Slot Machine - Try your luck against the one-armed bandit
» Black Jack - Rio works as the card dealer in this casino game
» Photograph - The girls cavort and your job is to take snapshots 

   Winnings from the mini-games and the casino may be used to purchase gifts for the girls and "interact" with them in a one-dimensional manner. The heroines featured in the game should be recognizable to any DOA fan and the cast is comprised of Hitomi, Kasumi, Ayane, Leifang, Tina, Christie, Kokoro, Helena, and Lisa. Rio joins the girls to round out the number of participants to ten. All preorders will include a bonus "Original Bathing Poster" which is being given away by the publisher.

   The limited edition "Himitsu Rakuen" box includes a DOA secret photograph collection, soundtrack, and a special box to hold all the goodies.

Product Specs
Publisher: Tecmo
Japanese Product Name: デッド オア アライブ パラダイス 秘密の楽園ボックス
Compatibility: Playstation Portable (Region-Free)
Format: Universal Media Disc (Single-Layer)
Language: Japanese
Product SKU: TCM-30002 (JPN)
JAN Code: 4960677110043

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