Monday, June 23, 2014

PS3 CV: Casting Voice - New Import $70.90 each

Product Synopsis 
   More than 40 popular voice actors are featured in the new Casting Voice game from Bandai Namco.

 ¦ Produce mode
The player takes on the role of a voice actor producer who works and communicates with fellow voice actor characters in an interactive adventure game. By playing mini-games during the recording sessions, the player's reputation as a producer increases and more esteemed voice actors will join the cast.

 ¦ Casting mode
By using the script and voice actor characters from production mode, players can cast different characters.

 ¦ Dubbing mode
Record your own voice and co-star with professional voice actors by using a script provided in the game. A USB microphone is required for this game mode.

 ¦ Recording Mode
Record your voice with a USB microphone and process the WAV data.

 ¦ Album mode
   Watch previously produced voice actor character scenarios.


 Product Specification
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
 Territory/Language: Japan
Japanese Title: CV ~キャスティングボイス~
Jan Code: 4560467043577 / BLJS-10259

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