Thursday, June 14, 2012

 PSP Akiba's Trip Plus - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
 «©NCSX» In the year 201X, a coven of vampires has descended upon Akihabara, Tokyo. They look like the natives - chiseled features, big eyes, and brightly hued hair, and they daywalk... just like the vamp killer known as Blade. Unlike the rest of the Japanese natives however, the vampires - known as the Kaguyashi - burn when their naked skin is exposed to sunlight. That's where you come in, a high-school-aged protagonist who gets embroiled in vampire drama and has to grab, snatch, and tear the clothes off the vamps in order to burn them from the face of the earth. The game is played in interactive sequences, exploration scenarios, and action-packed hand-to-hand combat interludes with ripping of clothes. 
    The 'Plus' edition of Akiba's Trip features quicker load times, full voice acting in the event sequences, updated animations, and mini-games to boot.

Japanese Product Title: アキバズトリップ プラス
 Jan Code: 4544626010266

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