Friday, July 29, 2011

 PSP Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The opening cinema for Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos showcases the heroines that have been called upon to do battle in the game. Mai Shiranui of King of Fighters fame shows a lot of presence whle Dizzy from Guilty Gear appears happy just to be somewhere. An assemblage of cast members standing upon a rock formation closes out the cinema.

   Spiral Chaos is an action-RPG where the cast of woman warriors from Queens Blade and Queens Gate mingle with the likes of Mai Shiranui, Dizzy, Mina Majikina, Cham-Cham and Iroha from Samurai Spirits, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Lili from Tekken 5, Pastel-Ink from Moetan, Wonder Momo from the game of the same name, an original character named Maron Makaron who wears a Pooka (Dig Dug) hat, and more. When an attack is ignited on screen, the attacker performs a short but visually entertaining display of offensive power that knocks the attacked for a loop. The short combat animations are reminiscent of the attack sequences found in the Super Robot Wars games and are accompanied by yelping voices and general histrionics. Since the warrior maidens in the game are unusually well endowed, their animations are also accompanied by undulating bosoms that bounce up and down as if compelled by an invisible power. To add to the active bosom-play, critical attacks may splinter an opponent's armor for additional revelations.
    In addition to the regular edition of Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos, the limited edition of Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos is also available which includes a Maron Makaron Figma figure, a Card Carrying Case, and a Reversible Carrying Bag.


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