Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NEWS General Updates

Nintendo 3DS - February 2011
The ship date of the Japanese Nintendo 3DS was announced overnight by Nintendo - February 2011. Preorders will probably open up in November 2010. Pricing's quoted at JPY25,000 which is US$298 based on this morning's exchange rate. We figure that the final price will be in the US$349 range. If there's a major shortage (likely), then prices might hit the $390 level in the first two weeks.
Japanese Playstation Network Tickets
All backorders for the JPY3000 and JPY5000 Playstation Network Tickets will be processed and sent today. Please note that the ticket fulfillment email includes a GIF image attachment so please check your Junk or Bulk mail folder if you don't see the message in your inbox. We use GIF instead of JPEG because the GIF format is non-lossy.

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