Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NEWS Japanese Customs Computer Bottleneck (JCCB)

UPS Shipment Delay
«©NCSX» When shipping "Express" packages from Japan, we tend to hope for quick delivery. Speed is the reason why the going rate for UPS Worldwide Express is what it is compared to a service like EMS which costs about 1/3 less and delivers 3 days later. Yesterday, the following tracking result popped up on all of our UPS shipments from multiple Japanese vendors:


Maybe it was an erroneous message so we spoke to a UPS representative and pointed out the error message to him. He'd never seen such a message in his entire life. He sounded like an old dude too. His supervisor who had "seen it all" hadn't seen that message before either. In the two decades that NCS has shipped with UPS, that message has never appeared on any of our packages. Guess it was about time that it did appear and it was great that it happened on the day that some of our biggest shipments of the year were trying to escape from Japan.

We're disappointed. Tonight was supposed to be "Espgaluda II Night NYC." As of right now, it looks more like "Frozen TV Dinner Night 2010." The fare will include greasy Salisbury steak, congealed gravy, and mushy peas. If we're lucky, the dessert brownie will have a rock baked into it.

As of this morning, the shipments are on the way but they're a day late and won't arrive until tomorrow. If there isn't any further botching of shipments, all preorders for Espgaluda II (Regular and Limited Edition) will ship out tomorrow along with preorders for the other new releases including PSP BlazBlue Portable, PSP Kenka Banchou 4, etc.

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