Tuesday, June 30, 2009

General Updates

PSP Project Diva tomorrow
An early partial shipment of PSP Project Diva is expected tomorrow. We'll begin processing and shipping preorders on Wednesday. The remainder of this week's shipments are scheduled to arrive on Thursday.
X360 Hori Real Arcade Twinstick update
Reservations for the Xbox 360 Hori Twinstick EX have been stronger than expected and we're fairly certain that Hori will proceed with the production this November. Hori is closing preorders on July 2, 2009 in Japan so if you're interested in purchasing one, please submit your reservation before Friday (July 3, 2009) in order to add your name to the hat. NCS will not be stocking any surplus units of the Twin Stick for our general inventory.
PS3 BlazBlue First Print Limited Edition incoming
The North American version of BlazBlue is expected to arrive later today but if there are any truck delays, they'll arrive tomorrow. We'd prefer that they arrive today however since tomorrow will be very busy.
NEWS Independence Day holiday
This coming Saturday is the Independence Day holiday in the USA. Even though the holiday falls on the weekend this year, the US Postal Service is only working a half-day on Friday (July 3). UPS and Fedex will be working a normal schedule this week.

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