Monday, October 13, 2008

General Updates

Room Palette Skyrium
Another batch of the Skyrium has arrived and all backorders will ship today. For customers who backordered the Aqua Rain bath toy recently, we should receive a new shipment later this week.
European musicians are now able to purchase KORG DS-10 locally without having to import the software from Japan. An American release is scheduled for November 4, 2008.
Japanese 2009 Calendars
NCS won't be stocking any Japanese 2009 calendars but we thought the selection being offered this year was interesting. View what's available in Japan in today's gallery. Warning: Some calendars are adult-themed and may depict blurry boobs on JAV idols. You'll need to squint to see them but they're there so some images may be NSFW.
Columbus Holiday
The U.S. Postal Service is observing Columbus Day so no postal shipments will be dispatched today. Normal shipping will resume tomorrow.

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