Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dragon Quest DS Lite Pouch + Card Case - In Stock

The NDS Dragon Quest pouch originally arrived about a month ago but we overlooked them during the hectic pace of July and early August. Since we have a little more time now, we're posting up a proper photo of the product. Square Enix produced the pouches in-house instead of licensing them to Hori or another accessory manufacturer. Two items are included in the blister pack as follows:

» Nintendo DS Card Case which stores NDS games. The case is colored black and features an image of a blue Slime surrounded by blue stars.

» Nintendo DS Lite Carrying Pouch which is also black but instead of a single Slime, a whole gang of them are depicted on the front flap.

Metal loops for tethering purposes are attached to each case. Preorders have already shipped out as of last month but new orders are welcome to ship today. Pricing is set at JPY2800 or US$32.90 from NCS.

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