Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - New Import, Restock Soon

Return to Pokke Village and slake your bloodthirsty nature once again by killing monsters, going on monster killing quests, and chopping up carcasses for meat. That's good virtual eatin' especially when the concept of virtual hunger and realistic stomach growling noises are part and parcel of the Monster Hunter game world.
MHP2G is a action-adventure game where players take control of a hunter who receives missions from the Guild. By fulfilling the missions, payment is earned which may then be used to buy better equipment. With better equipment, tougher tasks may be accomplished to earn even more coin. It's a vicious cycle of capital investment and monster hunting.

Features in Monster HP2G include:
The ability to transfer data from Monster Hunter Portable - players will retain Felyne cooks, weaponry, armor, guild card data, and items.
» Three types of Felyne fighters may be hired as traveling companions. They'll also fight monsters alongside the player and provide support.
» A new area dubbed the Rain Forest with a unique mix of monsters.
» G-Class quests which feature G-rank monsters.
» Chunks of MHP2G game code (up to 1 GB) may be copied to memory stick and stored locally to improve loading times.
» New monsters including the Yamashikami, the fearsome Narugakaruga, Queen Vespoid, and the Green Congalala.
» Updated and new weapons to use which feature elemental effects


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