Friday, September 14, 2007

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Bundle - In Stock

Square Enix announced the FFVII Crisis Core 10th Anniversary PSP bundle at the Playstation Premiere event earlier this year and the news spread around the world in a twinkling. NCS opened up preorders about a month afterwards and garnered a fair share of reservations. By our count, we scored ~1% of the production of the FFVII PSP Bundle today. The following items are included in each limited edition box:

» Silver PSP-2000 - The new redesigned version that's sleeker and sexier
» Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII game

» Stubby silver Buster Sword cell phone stray that's pudgy but sexy
» Regulation issue battery charger with zero sex appeal

The limited edition PSPs are serially numbered from 00000 to 77777 and we're guessing someone important at Square Enix is going to keep 00000 for himself but one of the unwashed has probably got a shot at 00001 and 77777.

All preorders and new orders for the bundles are shipping today. If you received an email about a transaction being declined yesterday or this morning, please feel free to submit new billing details before 4PM EST and we'll be able to get your order out today as well.

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