Sunday, April 29, 2007

CAUL Helibot

Tomy has started preorders for the CAUL (Car Action Unit's Line) Helibot which features a suited human figure that can go airborne like a hummingbird. The figure is tethered to a backpack which sprouts a main rotor for vertical lift and a tail rotor for horizontal thrust. A remote control that's shaped like a standard joypad is used to send 2.4Ghz signals to maneuver the Helibot. The figure may look like it's holding skis but those thin beams are actually load balancers to keep the figure at an even keel when flying through the air. The Helibot measures (W) 200 x (H) 15.60 x (D) 120cm and clocks in at 12 grams. The figure can fly for approximately 5 minutes on a full battery charge and the operating range is 30 meters.

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