Thursday, July 12, 2007

Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail

Twenty seven years after the concept of the Taiwan High Speed Rail twinkled in its creators' collective eyes and six years after construction started, the new railroad system opened on January 5, 2007. Spanning eight cities across Taiwan from Taipei to Zuoying, service to five additional cities is planned in the next few years including Changhua and Yunlin.

The first Railfan game for the PS3 has sold well to a contingent of devoted train-game fans and the second Railfan gives players the reins of a Shinkansen Super Express on the Taiwan HSR. The video used in Railfan was captured with a stationary high-definition camera mounted behind the windshield of the Super Express which spooled in 700 km of footage as the train ran through the entire HSR line both ways. In other words, if you're an aficionado of trains and Taiwan in general, you'll get to see the geography, sights, and landscape of Taiwan as it appears from the vantage point of a conductor who motors along at 290 km/h. «more»

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