Friday, February 16, 2007

Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem

Developer Treasure returns to the gaming fold with their second Bleach endeavor. Familiar faces and a few new fighters join the original ranks from the first game. In the Story Mode, Ichigo roams around town to interact with characters and battle with Division officers and Shinigami. In the Versus Mode, up to four players may engage in a free-for-all where fireworks and sword slashing action fill up the screen. For players who need a little practice before diving into the meat and potatoes of Bleach DS, the Training Mode features a dummy opponent who serves as an unflinching punching bag at its default setting.
At its heart, Bleach DS 2nd is a 2D fighting game where fighters range near and far as the camera scales in and out to take in the action. «more»

Appleseed EX

Based on the 2004 Appleseed C/G movie which dazzled viewers with its glossy visuals, the Playstation game features the team of Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires in alternating roles of soldiers extraordinaire. At the outset of the game, a short animation plays where Deunan is walking in the badlands when an explosion sends her flying.

Fade out and the scene shifts to a bedroom located at ES.W.A.T. Headquarters. Briareos is seated on a sofa in the foreground while a pensive Deunan sits on the edge of a bed located towards the back. After catching up a little bit, the bioroid named Hitomi enters the room and introduces herself to Deunan. Afterwards, control is handed over to the player in the ES.W.A.T. locker room where players get to investigate the control scheme and get a feel for the game world. To switch between Deunan and Briareos at any time, simply move one into the other and press the "O" button when prompted.

The first mission pits either Deunan or Briareos against a gang of heavily armed humans and a few powerful cyborgs. After playing the level for a few minutes, you might think to yourself that Appleseed is a tough and tedious game. Every enemy is fairly strong and requires a lot of punching and kicking to kill. Gunfire chops them up quicker but ammo is limited... «more»

Appleseed EX Limited Edition

The limited edition of Appleseed EX includes two items in addition to the game software itself:

» Shinji Aramaki Model "Deunan Knute" Limited Edition Figure
» K-2 Garthim Battle Damage version + 45 caliber 10mm Hand Gun

Shinji was the director of the 2004 Appleseed movie in case you're wondering what the "Shinji Aramaki Model" refers to. Deunan measures approximately 5" tall in her crouching position and the body suit above her left thigh has been ripped. A superficial slash wound may be viewed on her leg but we're fairly positive she'll survive the cut. Packaged in blister pack.

» Appleseed Side A&B manga reprint
A thick and hearty manga (B6 size) which spans 328 pages and captures the entirety of the animated movie on its pages. The comic is in full colorand printed on smooth and glossy paper. The manga tells the story featured in the Appleseed movie and packs the action in panel by panel sequence.

Please note that we will receive the Sega Direct exclusive version of Appleseed EX Limited Edition with the red-uniformed Deunan Knute soon.

Soul Cradle

Two centuries ago, a lanky madman named Gigu unleashed three powerful giants who wreaked havoc on the world. With a blinding lance of light, one giant ignites the world and sends earth and rock upwards and ablaze. To stop the swath of destruction being wrought, a young woman named Lena led a contingent who managed to seal Gigu into a sword and stop the onslaught of the giants. Peace returns to the world and civilization rebuilds over the course of the next few generations. However, something is causing the giants to stir once again...

As the game starts, Lena summons a lad named Ribea and a lassie known as Danetsuto to her lair. She advises them of the storm ahead and waves her scepter through the air. A glittering assortment of weapons magically appear and she sends a pair of green blades to Danetsuto. She blinks the rest of the weapons away and summons an ebon-colored sword. Ribea walks forwards and grasps it but is soon enveloped in swirling black orbs and a gusting wind. He later collapses and Lena explains that the sword contains the spirit of Gigu which is now bonded to Ribea. Although the hero's will is strong, Gigu's overpowering personality becomes a major factor in Ribea's life and eventual quest. «more»


The word "Royds" has a negative connotation in the American vernacular but we're overlooking that. NCS focuses on the positives today with Try Electronics' new "all-in-one" Dual Shock Pad + Keyboard controller. Although the unit looks unwieldy, we found it comfortable to hold and manipulate this morning. You'll just have to splay out your fingers to accommodate the girth of the controller in your mitts. The keyboard portion of the Royds pad is removable and may be used by itself with its tiny keys. Two cords flow from the back of the pad - a USB cord for the keyboard and a standard Playstation cord for the Dual Shock. «more»

General Updates

Stragglers on Monday
Due to late release in Japan, our shipments of PSP Tales of Destiny 2, PSP Lumines II, and PSP Kanon are expected on Monday. The PSP version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd was released early and we'll receive that game on Monday. A shipment of PS2 Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 may also be shipped tonight and if so, we'll also receive the game by Mon-Tues.
USA Holiday on Monday
The upcoming President's Day gives students, teachers, government workers, and postal staff a three-day weekend. NCS will work a full day on Monday and UPS/Fedex will be right there with us. Please note that any orders placed over the weekend that are shipping by Postal Service will be dispatched on Tuesday (February 20, 2007).
More Import Toys
Some additional toy shipments made it in a little while ago and we'll post updates and photos on Monday. Our supplier also mistakenly shipped another batch of Willy Wonka 400% Kubricks which we didn't order. We may help sell them instead of shipping them back to Japan.