Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Catch the Dots: Twinbee

Just when we thought Tomy would never show love for the Twinbee game, the company announces miniature Dot-Pin toys based on the classic shooter from Taito. Two kits are on offer: one which features the blue warrior known as Twinbee and another which shows off 'bee's female counterpart, Winbee.

Each kit includes a single 7.5cm pegboard and roughly 100 pegs to construct the Twinbee characters. Pricing is set at US$9.00 per kit and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2007.

Ghost in the Shell: Motoko Kusanagi 1/8 Scale Figure

Japanese manufacturer Vice has started preorders for a new 1/8 scale Motoko Kusanagi PVC figure where the Major reveals her girlish side. Normally dressed in grungy combat fatigues or a regulation issue uniform, Motoko shows off her taut belly muscles while wearing a frilly blue number.

The top consists of a baby-blue ribbed vest with navy trim which shows off Motoko's ample assets while the bottom is an overly agitated dress which swirls around with a life of its own. Mo's gloved hands are perched on her hips in a stance of defiance and perhaps dominance. A white disc serves as the foundation upon which the Major stands.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2007 at JPY5800 or US$55 from NCS.

Samurai Spirits Mina Majikina 1/5 Scale Figure

After showing her off at the Wonder Festival 2006 last month, Japanese manufacturer Good Smile Company has started preorders for a new 1/5 scale Mina Majikina PVC figure.

Mina measures 30cm or 11.81"
tall and is dressed in her trademark white with blue trim ensemble which consists of a bikini, a skirt of sorts, and a pair of tabi socks. A white-haired demon-destroyer extraordinaire, Mina bends her knees and grips the Chinsei Hachijou in her left hand in an apparent attack stance. In the background, the impish Champuru clings to her skirt and appears happy to be near its mistress. Mina's skirt isn't really a skirt but rather more like a piece of cloth that has been tethered to the woman warrior's waist.

Retail pricing is set at JPY7500 or US$75 from NCS. Preorders are scheduled to ship in mid-late January 2007. Due to dimensional weight sizing for this product, NCS recommends only shipping with UPS Ground within the United States. Any air service will incur hefty shipping charges.

General Updates

Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver. B - Naomi GD-ROM
Preorders are welcome for the ver. B upgrade of Melty Blood AC where 22 fighters bout it out in fast-paced 2D battles. The GD-Rom kit includes an operating manual, a cabinet marquee, panel decals, and a Naomi GD-Rom. Pricing is set at US$1380 which includes EMS shipping directly from Japan. Delivery is expected in early December 2006. To submit a preorder, feel free to email NCS with your request.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
The latest Pokemon games arrive tomorrow but the first batches are now pre-sold out. Additional supplies of Diamond and Pearl are expected on Monday of next week for new orders that are placed now.

Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Wall Scroll
A supplier in Hong Kong has offered about 100 Valkyrie Profile Silmeria wall scrolls to us for a nominal cost. We're fairly certain that they were a promotional item that was given away by Square Enix but the shipping cost will be onerous. We'll update again if we decide to bring them in.

Sale of the Day

New and boxed official Dreamcast joypads in transparent red shells. The condition of the inventory is excellent with clean and shiny boxes that have been stored in their original shipping cartons for the past few years.

Pricing is set at US$20.50 per controller which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Priority Mail normally delivers in 2-3 days. Please note that our shop does not process transactions in real time and orders will be charged US$20.50 only. Please disregard the shipping quotation on the order form. Thank you.