Monday, October 30, 2006

Tales of the Tempest Accessory Set

The Tales of the Tempest Accessory Set includes two items for the Nintendo DS as follows:

» A top and bottom shell protector for the Nintendo DS Lite which features artwork and silhouettes of the Tales of the Tempest characters. The top lid shows off Cauis Qualls and Rubia Natwick as depicted in blue line-art sketch style. The bottom covering features five silhouettes of Tempest heroes.

» A Nintendo DS game storage case which holds 2 game cards within its confines. The top of the case features two silhouettes of Cauis Qualls and flips open instead of sliding like Hori's game card cases.

Pinky Street: Kira Kira Music Hour LE

The limited edition of Pinky Street Kira Kira includes a bonus blonde heroine figure which features parts that are interchangeable with other Pinky Street figures. Please note that NCS is currently sold out of the game but restock is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. All backorders will ship upon delivery of the new stock.

BabySue's popular toy figure series finally expands beyond the world of PVC constructions and into the virtual realm of rhythm action. Ebullient girls dance and pop to the 35 music tracks which include selections from J-pop, Hip-hop, Rock, and the Classics. To reassure the legal eagles out there, Dimple doesn't infringe on any Bemani intellectual property and the game is free to expand and grow if Pinky Kira Kira catches on. Gist: the stylus is used to poke at three sections of the touch screen as they light up. For example, if the top section is lit, tap it as quickly as possible to register the groovy rank of 「RAINBOW」. If the middle section glows and you're a millisecond too slow, you might get a 「KIRA2」 or a 「Good」. As tapping action plays out, the game keeps track of combos and «Game Notes»

Utawareru Mono Limited Edition

Originally released on the PC in 2002 by Leaf, Utawareru Mono undergoes a few updates and is reissued on the Playstation 2 to reach a wider audience. The PS2 upgrade of the game features full voice acting, a new battle system, a new character, and new visual events have been added for good measure.

The limited edition of Utawareru Mono includes a Utawarerumono Visualworks book which spans 100 pages. The first 20 pages feature color artwork of the characters and profiles of the leads including Hakuoro and Eruru. Hakuoro's main allies also make it in the book. Some of the works appear to be fan submissions including one which depicts the scene when Eruru held up a mirror so Hakuoro could look at himself. The scene is recounted in the game as well.

The remainder of the book is in black & white and contains character development sketches, items in the world, storyboard set-ups, location sketches, and unfinished pencil artwork. The last image in the book is a black & white group drawing of the major characters in the game.

Heaven's Will

A nameless 22 year-old wunderkind dubbed "Nes" wakes up in total darkness with no memory of his identity or reason for being. The lack of light makes for a apt reflection of Nes' mental state. As he shuffles to his feet, a singular resolve grips him - escape. Help Nes roam through levels of 3D mazes in an effort to quit the dungeon life.

During Nes' travels, he'll encounter potential allies known as Experiment Objects or E.O.s which may join his party and help him battle foes and solve puzzles. Up to 60 E.O. crew members are scattered throughout the levels and each one possesses special abilities and powers that contribute to the overall escape plan. Up to three E.O.s may be inducted into the party at any time and work as a cohesive battle squadron.

The creatures in Heaven's Will are a bizarre gathering of monsters that bear some resemblance to the monstrosities in games such as Biohazard and Devil May Cry. NCS would describe them as human/monster mash-ups. Three types of weapons may be used in the game - Swords, Guns, and Shockwaves. Swords are made of mental reactive alloy and are used for close-up melee attacks on creatures that roam too close for comfort. Guns provide long-range reach and can be charged up for a more powerful blast. Finally, the Shockwave is a plasma weapon which causes long distance, wide ranging destruction. Like the gun, it may be charged up for higher levels of propulsive carnage.

Memories Off #5 Superlite 2000

An ambitious film student named Haruhito Kawaai loses his mojo when a friend and fellow auteur Samasuke Hina is killed in an accident. To recover from the shock and dismay, fellow film students, the sister of the fallen artist, and other characters engage the protagonist and help him find his footing again. Similar to a standard interactive adventure, Memories Off plays in flick-screen action where spot animations accompany static images while reams of text fill the dialogue box on the bottom of the screen.

Upon starting the game, a dandy in a red double-breasted suit is walking while cherry blossoms flutter to the ground. The protagonist joins him in a similar red jacket and then a girl joins the two as they walk from school followed by a fourth classmate. Once home, the protagonist is visited by Samasuke's younger sister Asuka, who is dressed in a school uniform and microskirt. Asuka confides to Haruhito that a girl named Mahiro Sendou caused Samasuke's demise. After some banter, a 60-minute Mini-DV tape is located which contains a short film collaboration between Haruhito and Samasuke which was not completed due to Sam's untimely death. Will the film ever get completed? Did Mahiro Sendou cause Samasuke's death? Can mojo be recovered? Only you can answer those questions...

Ryu Ga Gotoku - The Best

The seedy underbelly of the Kamurocho district fosters all breeds. The ones that stand out in Ryu Ga Gotoku however are the bad seeds; the Yakuza inspired gangsters and killers who use force and devious design to unhinge their fellow man. The protagonist in the adventure is a bruiser named Kazuma who went to prison and summarily broke out. As the game starts, Kazuma is standing in the middle of a neon lit street while throngs of night life seekers stroll and mill about. Accidentally bump into someone and witness his or her stumbling motion and arm waving antics.

Move Kazuma forward a bit and follow the fellow thug who wears a purple and gold shirt to a building. After entering the building, a cinema shows an encounter where a meek subject suddenly turns into a tiger wielding a golf club. This leads to the first battle of the game which is basically a training mission which teaches the various moves and combos that are available. Guide Kazuma and punch and power-punch the thugs in the room and their golf club swinging boss. The fighting is a full-fledged 3D action game where the controls are smooth and the punches rattle off in fluid motion. To grab someone in a choke hold, press the "O" button. To follow up with a head butt while choking someone, hit the SQUARE button.

Toy Arrivals

A very late shipment of software/toys/etc has been released and the cartons have begun trickling in this morning. We'll begin processing all back orders for the PS2 Guitar Freaks Masterpiece Silver Konamistyle version and all preorders for the Transformers Masterpiece MP-3 and Transformers Masterpiece MP-4 today. We'll update the Transformers toys tomorrow with photos and a short write-up.

All preorders for the life-size Dead or Alive cushions and towels will also ship today. Please note that the cushions are all pre-sold out but we may be able to stock some additional supplies in the next 2-3 weeks. The towels are available but we'll post them up tomorrow.

The remainder of the cartons should arrive in the next couple of days and we'll process and ship preorders for items such as the Dreamcast wristwatches and assorted toys upon arrival.

Import Release Outlook

NDS Hoshi no Kirby: Sanjou! Dorocche Dan Nintendo
Love Love Hamster Digital Kids
Makuramoto Naomi no Shiawase Kitchen MTO
World Soccer Winning Eleven DS Konami
Winning Eleven + Jet Black Nintendo DS Bundle Konami
PSP Just Shoot SCE

USA Release Outlook

Final Fantasy XII leads preorders for the week.
GBA Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City EA
GC Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City EA
NDS Children of Mana Square
Pokémon Ranger Nintendo
Star Trek Tactical Assault Bethesda
Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City EA
Sims 2 Pets EA
Tom and Jerry Tales Eidos
Tomb Raider Legend Eidos
PS2 ATV Offroad Fury 4 Sony
Final Fantasy XII Square
Need for Speed Carbon EA
Need for Speed Carbon Collector's Edition EA
Playstation 2 Slim Silver Console Sony
PSP BattleZone Atari
Death Jr. 2 Root of Evil Konami
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Rockstar
Killzone Liberation Sony
Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City EA
Power Stone Collection Capcom
XBX Need for Speed Carbon EA


FIFA Soccer 07 EA
Need for Speed Carbon EA
World Championship Poker All In Crave

PokePark Nintendo DS

New Japanese PokePark Limited Edition Nintendo DS units in royal blue color with Pikachu silhouette on the top lid. NCS originally purchased these from Pokemon Centers in Japan and paid a dear premium... for naught. Packaging is in mint condition and multiple units are available.

Pricing is set at US$139.00 per PokePark NDS unit which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. USPS Priority Mail normally delivers in 2-3 days depending on your proximity to our location in New York City. For our international customers, a flat airmail shipping rate of US$16 will be assessed for an order total of US$155.