Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Super Mario Bros Touch Pen

Capsule toy manufacturer Yujin releases a set of Nintendo DS touch pens which are based on the New Super Mario Bros game.

Six colorful styles are on offer including one which sports a red/blue color scheme and a little Mr. Toad on top. The pen features a thick barrel and cap which is latched to a loop which allows it to be linked to a cellphone or threaded through another receptacle. Each touch pen measures 10cm or 3.93" long. NCS supplies the pens as a complete set of 6. The touch pens are also available individually on a separate shop listing. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.
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Super Mario Bros Solar Mushroom Toy

Banpresto releases solar-powered Mario Mushrooms which waddle left and right when sunlight hits the sensor on the question mark decorated base. Truckers have a little hula-wearing girl atop their dashboards which sways to and fro from the rhythm of the road and gamers might have a little mushroom above theirs...

The Kinoko toy measures 12cm or 4.72" tall from base to the top of the mushroom cap. Two styles are on offer: An (A) orange dot + yellow mushroom and a (B) green dot + yellow mushroom. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome. View a short movie of the mushroom as it waddles.
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Rubik's Clock

By the time the Rubik's Cube had passed critical mass in the early 80s, it had sold a total of 250 million units worldwide. The mania crested nearly two decades ago but the recognizable toy is still being sold and licenses are still being granted for products based on the best-selling puzzle. Banpresto hooks onto the Rubik franchise and plans two wall clocks which feature Rubik's Cube designs. The first clock sports yellow, red, blue, and white colors with the Rubik's Cube logo slightly off-center. The second clock shows a Cube in mid-twist with the logo on the right side of the clock. All preorders ship today and new orders are welcome.