Friday, November 03, 2006

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Premium Pack

Preorders are welcome for a premium edition of MGS Portable Ops which includes a camouflage-themed PSP with beige colored buttons, analog nub, and d-pad. The trigger buttons remain transparent.
Priced at JPY27,800 and limited in number, the bundle also includes a trio of metal pins mounted on a display card, a copy of MGS Portable Ops, and a sand-colored carrying case with an emblem of Solid Snake on the front. Preorders are welcome to ship on December 21, 2006.
Please note that we have not confirmed availability of the Konamistyle Limited Edition of the MGS Portable Ops bundle which adds snakeskin accessories and a certificate of authenticity to the mix but we'll update if we're able to import the item for our customers.

The Flash Desire Raiden III

The thunder and fury of Raiden III is revisited in the Insanity DVD capture of the game. Three items are included in the DVD pack as follows:

» Gameplay Capture DVD - Watch a master player dominate the entire game from start to finish without losing a single life. Once that's over, watch two masters play the game with godlike skill. The third major chapter in the DVD features game footage coupled with developer commentary. The DVD runs for approximately 120 minutes.

» Raiden III Perfect Sound Track - Go Sato composed 34 tracks for Raiden III and all of them are spooled onto an official CD which also include tracks from the PS2 version of the game. Yuji Takemitsu does the arrangements. The full track listing may be viewed here. The CD spans approximately 60 melodious minutes.

» Raiden III Official Data Collection - Flip through the 50+ pages of the B6-size Raiden booklet which includes illustrations, game system info, assorted data, and developer commentary.

Famitsu Wave DVD - Dec 2006

Famitsu Wave closes out 2006 with a summery image of Kasumi in a floral print bikini. Games featured in the magazine and the two included DVDs are as follows:

Tokyo Game Show Coverage
PS2 Bumpytrot 2, PS3 Devil May Cry 4, X360 Lost Planet, PS3 Fatal Inertia, PS3 Blade Storm, Wii Elebits, PS3 Coded Arms, PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4, PS2 Elvandia, PS3 Virtua Fighter 5, PS3 Genji, PS3 Shirokishi Monogatari, PS3 Lair, X360 Viva Pinata, X360 Mistwalker, and more.

General Game Coverage
PS2 Dragon Shadow Spell, PS3 Armored Core 4, PS2 Summon Night 4, NDS Castlevania Gallery of Labyrinth, and others.

Chinami Ishizaka appears in the Wave Idol Photo Studio feature.

Rio 3D Mousepad [SOLD OUT]

Mouse pads are generally flat and exceedingly boring. However, when the bodacious body of Rio is transformed into a mouse pad, her ample attributes must be rendered properly or justice wouldn't be served. In addition to providing a smooth surface for mouse manipulation, the Rio mouse pad also prevents carpal tunnel syndrome with its generous pillow-like appendages which are covered by a cloth bikini. Retail pricing is set at a lofty Y8800 or US$85 from NCS. All preorders ship today.

Front Mission Trading Arts+ Stage 2

The Front Mission Project continues with a collection of detailed Front Mission Wanzers from the popular Playstation games in the series. In addition to normal full color paint versions of the mechs, metallic paint variants and green-colored variants are also randomly packaged in the blind boxes for a total of 15 different possibilities for collectors to ferret out. The mechs measure approximately 3" tall and have rotating arms and movable legs for restricted posing purposes. The five Wanzers in the Front Mission Trading Arts+ Stage 2 are as follows:

08) Kyojun
09) Grapple
10) Husky
11) Schakal
12) Crustacia

Pricing is set at US$55 per factory sealed case of 12. All preorders ship today and new orders are welcome. Please note that USA versions of some of the mechs from Stage 2 are scheduled to ship in December and pricing will be set at US$7.95 per blister-packed mech (full color variant). NCS plans on stocking the USA versions as well upon release.