Friday, November 03, 2006

The Flash Desire Raiden III

The thunder and fury of Raiden III is revisited in the Insanity DVD capture of the game. Three items are included in the DVD pack as follows:

» Gameplay Capture DVD - Watch a master player dominate the entire game from start to finish without losing a single life. Once that's over, watch two masters play the game with godlike skill. The third major chapter in the DVD features game footage coupled with developer commentary. The DVD runs for approximately 120 minutes.

» Raiden III Perfect Sound Track - Go Sato composed 34 tracks for Raiden III and all of them are spooled onto an official CD which also include tracks from the PS2 version of the game. Yuji Takemitsu does the arrangements. The full track listing may be viewed here. The CD spans approximately 60 melodious minutes.

» Raiden III Official Data Collection - Flip through the 50+ pages of the B6-size Raiden booklet which includes illustrations, game system info, assorted data, and developer commentary.

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