Monday, October 16, 2006

Japanese Wii Preorders Open

Distributors in Japan started their preorder campaigns for the Wii overnight. Pricing is set at JPY25,000 or US$295 from NCS. Since the USA launch is 2 weeks earlier, pricing for Japanese consoles is not expected to change despite expected shortages stateside. A lot of USA Wii consoles are also going to be exported next month. Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii follows a region lock-out model and USA games will not play on Japanese Wiis and vice versa. If previous Nintendo consoles are any gauge, the modification scheme should be a simple jumper toggle. We'll begin offering mod services as soon as we figure out the methodology.

Wii Sports is not bundled with the Japanese Wii and is sold separately. Note also that an AC adapter and AV cables are included with the Wii.

Japanese Wii Software Schedule

Sixteen Japanese Wii releases are scheduled for the launch with another eight titles expected before the end of the year. Software prices are within the range of JPY4800 to JPY6800 which is similar to the retail scheme established for the Gamecube and Playstation. Please note that Japanese Wii software is not playable on USA Wii consoles. A simple modification should be possible however and we'll post up details once we have info.
12/02 Caduceus Z: 2-tsu no Chou Shittou Atlus

Elebits Konami

Ennichi no Tatsujin Namco

Hajimete no Wii: Your First Step To Wii Nintendo

Kororinpa Hudson

Machikuru Domino Red

Necro-Nesia Spike

Odoru Made in Wario Nintendo

Red Steel Ubisoft

SD Gundam: Scud Hammers Bandai

Swing Golf Pangya Tecmo

Super Monkey Ball: Uki Uki Party Sega

Tamagotchi no Pika Pika Daito-ryo-! Bandai

Wii Sports Nintendo

Wing Island Hudson

Zelda no Densetsu: Twilight Princess Nintendo
12/14 Bleach Wii: Shiraha Kirameki Rinbukyoku Sega

Pokemon Battle Revolution Nintendo

Rabbits Party Ubisoft
12/21 Furu Furu Park Taito

Mahjong Taikai Wii Koei

Monster 4X4 World Circuit Ubisoft

Need for Speed Carbon EA
12/28 Sengoku Musou Wave Koei

Japanese Wii Hardware Schedule

Please note Gamecube AV, D-Terminal, and Component Video cables are not compatible with the Wii which features a new multi AV port.
12/02 Wii Points Prepaid Card 1000 Nintendo

Wii Points Prepaid Card 3000 Nintendo

Wii Points Prepaid Card 5000 Nintendo

Wii Remote Control Nintendo

Wii Nunchaku Nintendo

Classic Controller Nintendo

AC Adapter Nintendo

AV Cable Nintendo

S-Terminal Cable Nintendo

D-Terminal Cable Nintendo

Component Video Cable Nintendo

SD Memory Card Nintendo

Lan Adapter Nintendo

Japanese Import Outlook

PS2 Captain Tsubasa leads preorders for the week followed by PSP Tenchi no Mon 2: Busouden.
NDS Gekitou! Custom Robo Nintendo

Oto o Tsunagou! Gunpey Reverse Bandai
PS2 Captain Tsubasa Bandai

Gift Prism Sweets

Gift Prism Limited Edition Sweets

Honoo no Takkyubin Success
PSP Homestar Portable Sega

Tenchi no Mon 2: Busouden Sony

USA Release Outlook

NDS Contact leads export preorders for the week followed by GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2. NDS Nintendogs Dalmatian has been available in Europe for a couple of months now and Bully ships next week which explains the lack of international interest.
GBA SpongeBob: Creature from the Krusty Krab THQ

Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2 Atlus
GC SpongeBob: Creature from the Krusty Krab THQ

Sims 2 Pets EA
NDS Contact Atlus

Nintendogs Dalmatian Nintendo

Justice League Heroes Eidos

The Legend of Spyro Vivendi

SpongeBob: Creature from the Krusty Krab THQ
PS2 Bully Rockstar

Cabela's African Safari Activision

Destroy All Humans 2 THQ

Eureka Seven Vol 1 The New Wave Bandai

Family Guy 2K Games

Justice League Heroes Eidos

Sims 2 Pets EA

Spongebob: Creature from the Krusty Krab THQ

Silver PS2 Re-Design Sony
PSP Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Bandai

Cabela's African Safari Activision

Family Guy 2K Games

Fifa Soccer 07 EA

WTF Work Time Fun D3
XBX Destroy All Humans 2 THQ

Family Guy 2K Games

Justice League Heroes Eidos
X360 Splinter Cell Double Agent Ubisoft

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 EA