Friday, November 02, 2007

Famitsu Wave DVD [December 2007] - New, In Stock

The December issue of this year's Famitsu Wave DVD is jam-packed with video footage from the recent Tokyo Game Show 2007. There's games galore, booth babes in revealing outfits, and the unwashed masses crowding around the bright lights and shiny new sights. The editors of Famitsu offer their thoughts and insight as they walk around the venue and make sense of everything for the viewer. The games featured in the issue include:

» PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4
» PS3 Devil May Cry 4
» PS2 Sengoku Basara Heroes 2
» PS3 Africa
» X360 Ninja Gaiden 2
» Wii No More Heroes

and many, many more.

Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch - New Import, In Stock

The date is August 10, 2010 and invading mechs known as Knightmare Frames from the Holy Britannia Empire have destroyed and taken over Japan. The citizenry is rounded up and forced into slums known as Area 11 and the oppressed are called "Elevens." As a result of the injustice, rebel forces rise up to regain Japan with small scale attacks. Amidst the strife, an unlikely hero from Britannia named Lelouch Lamperouge sides against his own country after witnessing what Britannia's actions have wrought. To help his cause, he obtains the awesome power of Geass from a girl named C.C. which allows him to control the actions of others. This power is shown at the outset of the game where an enemy agent is compelled to shoot himself in the head.

Illust Logic DS + Colorful Logic - New Import, In Stock

Oekaki puzzles are very popular in Japan and they've made the transition from paper to pixel over the past few years. Illust Logic plies the Oekaki puzzle trade with a collection of 400 pictures that are created by filling in a grid by following the cues along the side and top margins. For example, if the first line of a grid has the number "1" that's colored green on the left margin, that means there's a green block measuring 1 unit to be filled in somewhere in the first line of the grid. To find out where it is exactly, look at the markings at the top margins of the grid to find a logical matching assignment. Fill the grid in properly by following the clues and a rudimentary picture appears when you're done - be it an image of a ladybug, a ducky, or a character from various retro Hudson games.

Sangokushi DS 2 - New Import, In Stock

Hearken back to the Warring States period in Chinese history where players take control of a territory and wrangle it to a position of primacy through fits and starts. By using the touchpen to issue commands, armies are marched against neighboring territories and domestic policy is dictated to the populace. Many other menial tasks are also at your disposal at discretion along with the use of diplomacy rally allies to your side when conflict rears its ugly head. Another important factor is technological development to manufacture powerful weapons of war that'll lay waste to enemy bastions. A tutorial mode teaches newbies the ways of kingdom management and a Challenge Mode features objectives that must be achieved within the parameters of each scenario.

To Heart 2: Tamaki Kousaka 1/6 Scale Figure - In Stock

In the To Heart 2 game and subsequent OVA series, Tamaki Kousaka was an interesting character with depth and complexity. She had poise, she played the piano, had female admirers, and could cook up a storm. Normally garbed in a school uniform or casual wear, Wave's upcoming Tamaki figure does away with outerwear and features the redhead in a black two-piece bikini. She's also positioned in a compromising and vulnerable pose instead of a de rigeur stance. Two words might explain Tamaki's awkward aspect: Fan Service.

The DreamTech Tamaki Kousaka 1/6 scale PVC figure is sculpted by Tomoki Maeda and measures 255mm in length which is approximately 10" from top to toe. The toy ships in a see-through window box for obvious reasons. An elliptical base is also included for display purposes. Pricing is set at JPY5800 or US$60 from NCS. Preorders and new orders will ship today. Jan Code:

GITS: Tachikoma Nendoroid Action Figure - New, In Stock

Good Smile Company's line of Nendoroid toys such as the Sabre (Fate Stay Night) figure and the Mesousa set invariably feature rounded sculpts and big heads. The company ships a 130mm (5.11") Nendoroid Tachikoma which represents the first mechanical construct in the product line.

The new Tachikoma features the rounded proportions that have come to define the Nendoroid line but neither the pod nor the body are exaggerated in size. The four legs are stubby and are fitted with wheels while Tachikoma's pincers are functional and may be opened and closed to grip the Eneuron Organic canister included with the toy. The default weapon that is affixed to the undercarriage of the mech is a grenade launcher but it may be swapped out for a gatling gun. A sheet of decals is also included to paste on Tachikoma's body.
Jan Code: 4582191963105

Boy Meets Girl Mao Shingyouji PVC Figure - New, In Stock

Mao Shingyouji hails from the Boy Meets Girl eroge game and is dressed in her regulation-issue black and purple school uniform which is prim and proper. However, she's a flasher and perhaps a girl gone wild to boot. In addition to the exposure on top, Mao's skirt may be hiked up for an additional revelation. The completed figure is set at 1/7 scale or 21cm tall which converts to 8.26" in height. The producer is listed as Ranmaru and distribution is handled by Sofmap in Japan.

A regular edition will be available along with a Sofmap Limited Edition which is exclusive to Softmap retail shops. Please note however that NCS has only stocked the regular edition of the figure at US$58. Preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome. Jan Code:

FFVII Crisis Core Pendant ~Loveless~ - New, In Stock

In the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core game, Genesis Rhapsodos is fond of his book titled "Loveless" from which he recites snippets of prose to no one in particular. Square entices fans with a silver Loveless Pendant which priced dear at JPY12500 or US$129 from NCS. View larger photos. Jan Code: 4988601310215

Transformers Music Label Convoy - New Import, In Stock

Takara jumps on the iPod bandwagon by releasing a diecast Transformers Convoy + audio speaker for use with the ubiquitous iPod music player. To match the color scheme of the iPod, Convoy is painted a soft-white color that meshes perfectly with Apple's little device. In normal mode, the Convoy looks like a rig hauling a big load in back. Pop the top however and two speakers are revealed along with a center receptacle which the iPod slides into. Once in position, play some James Brown and shuffle your feet across the linoleum like the man himself. That's not all however, once you've played the music and admired the rig's bulky shape, you can twist and turn it into Convoy, leader of the Cybertrons.

The Transformers Music Label includes a 100V AC adapter which will work fine in the USA but European buyers will need a 240-120V stepdown converter. Please note this item is NOT compatible with the iPod Shuffle

Samurai Shodown Iroha 1/5 Scale Figure - New, In Stock

If a crane ever morphed from avian frame to human form, you'd get something that looks like Iroha. Decked out in black and white duds which flow like airy gossamer, Iroha is a study in contrasts. Her face is sweet and unassuming but she carries two killing blades named Hourin and Ousai. Iroha is seemingly childlike but her body is that of a woman. The winsome maiden first made her appearance in Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten and toy sculptors have served up a steady supply of Iroha renditions ever since. The latest incarnation is from Good Smile Company which clocks in at 1/5 scale or 30cm (11.81") tall.

The new Iroha figure is fixed pose where she perches on her right leg (note the thick meaty thighs) while her left leg is lifted up. Similar to other Iroha figures, the posture is fairly relaxed and she looks like she might be out for a Sunday stroll. Jan Code: 4582191962689

Tengen Toppa Gurren 1/8 Yoko Figure

Simon and Kamina of the Gurren Brigade are formidable protagonists but they still need Yoko's help and unerring marksmanship from time to time. Hailing from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann animation, Yoko Ritona is a full-bosomed ginger who's weapon of choice is a rifle that's as tall as she is. For her Konami figure turn, Yoko wears skimpy clothing which accentuates her hourglass figure but she sheaths her neck with a pink coverall. We like her studded belt and her flowing red hair is positively serpentine. Yoko is set at 1/8 scale and measures 20cm tall.

Transformers MP-06 Skywarp - New, In Stock

The sixth toy in the Transformers Masterpiece series is Skywarp. Essentially a repaint of last year's Transformers Masterpiece MP-3 Starscream toy, Skywarp is colored a glossy black patina with some purple and silver thrown in for contrast and detailing. Shoji Kawamori of Macross and Escaflowne fame provided the design for Starscream and Skywarp and his expertise shows in the intricate detailing and clean-cut lines. The diecast/abs toy measures roughly 9" tall and transforms from robot form to sleek F-15E Strike Eagle jet fighter.

Every package includes the following items:
» Fully assembled Skywarp transformable toy

» A sheet of decals that may be used on Skywarp (not recommended)
» Black display stand with transparent riser attachment
» Sidewinder Missile accessories [4 units]
» Null Beam weapon [2 units]
» Pilot figure in white jacket
» Skywarp Trading Card

Angel Kiss Vol. III - New Import, In Stock

The producers of the Milky Angel line of JAV trading cards corral another three actresses for the third Angel Kiss set. The JAV idols flaunt their attributes as well as their innate abilities to be photographed nude and nearly nude without fear. The models are:

»« Anna Kousaka »« Lisa Coda »« Rosa Natsukawa

Pricing is set at US$58 per box. Please note that each box will contain 12 packs and each pack contains 7 cards for a total of 84 cards in every factory box.
Preorders and new orders will ship today. View larger photos and cards. Jan Code: 4560171920096

Juicy Honey 7 Authentic Visual Collection - New, In Stock

The seventh Juicy Honey trading card collection features four JAV models with Sasa Handa returning from her appearance in Juicy Honey 6 to give an encore performance of sorts. The four models who cavort in Juicy Honey 7 are:

»« Kotono Higashi »
« Mao Shiino »« Sasa Handa »« Yuko Sakurai »«

Kotono Higashi is a new comer to the JAV wilds who made her debut in April 2007 with a movie titled "Kotono: Debut," followed by "First Experience" and "I Will Help You Masturbate." A lot of thought goes into the movie titles. NCS will supply the Juicy Honey 7 cards in complete factory cases of 12 packs at US$58. Each pack contains 8 cards for a total of 96 cards per case.
View larger photos and cards. Jan Code: 4582191962689