Thursday, January 18, 2007

General Updates

Mechanical Flight Delay
Due to "A FLIGHT DELAY OCCURRED BECAUSE OF MECHANICAL REASONS" in Anchorage, AK last night, none of our import shipments arrived this morning. As such, everything is now expected tomorrow.
New Wii Imports
A number of upcoming Japanese Wii titles have been added to our import schedule including Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX which ships on February 22 and Densha de Go! Shinkansen EX: Sanyou Shinkansen Hen on March 1. The full import schedule may be viewed here.
NDS Lite Restock
Japanese Ice Blue and Enamel Navy NDS Lites are expected to be restocked by Monday of next week. All backorders will ship upon arrival and new orders are welcome.
BD Blu-Ray Remote
Additional supplies of the PS3 remote are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. All backorders will ship on Friday and new orders are welcome.
Aquapict Restock
Another shipment of the Aquapict should make it in by next week and we'll post an update once they're available again.
Next Week Preview
The three Konami PSP shooters (
Parodius Portable, Salamander Portable, Twinbee Portable) shipping next week are garnering mass preorders... which was unexpected. We've increased our preorder quantities thrice already and may have to bump them up again to meet demand.