Monday, October 02, 2006

Guitar Freaks Arcade Style Controller

After a shaky start and a couple of delays, Konami makes good on their Guitar ASC production for the home Bemani consumer. The first batch of Konami's Guitar Freaks Arcade Style Controllers arrived today and early preorders are shipping this afternoon. The remainder of our controllers are scheduled to arrive on Thursday. If your order is shipping today, an email will be sent out by 2PM EST with an order confirmation and UPS tracking details. Shipment tracking will be activated after 8PM EST once the packages are scanned into the distribution hub.

NCS ordered a surplus of the guitars and we have a buffer quantity for new orders. Please note that orders placed today for the Guitar ASC will ship on Thursday when the remainder of our shipments arrive.
Due to the large amount of orders for the Guitar, please notify NCS by today if you have a billing or address change as we will begin processing orders on Wednesday. NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground if you reside in the USA due to the large carton size for the Guitar ASC.

Ceramic White PS2 SCPH-77000CW

Sony downsizes the PS2 console from big bulky rectangular shape to sleek, slim-line silhouette. The measurements of the new PS2 console are 230×28×152mm (9x1x6") and the unit weighs in at 900g or a mere 2 lbs. The PS2 network adapter is built-in but the internal drive bay is gone which makes hard drive installation unavailable unless Sony starts producing external hard drives once again. Along with the ceramic white console, the package contains a ceramic white Dual Shock 2 controller, an AV cable, and a 100VAC power adapter.

Pokemon DS Lite - $219 Preorder

An allocation of the Pokemon Center exclusive Pokemon DS Lite is scheduled to arrive on Thursday and preorders are welcome at US$219. The body of the Lite sports a metallic black sheen and top lid features the sketched imprints of Dialga in gold ink and Palkia in silver ink. The unit ships in an attractive black box with a photo of the NDS Lite on its face.

Mushihimesama LE Figure

Sale of the Day: New limited edition Princess Reko figure when she was a wee lassie holding aloft little Kiniro when it was a baby beetle. Reko seemingly beams with pride while baby Kiniro appears content just to be somewhere. Reko stands upon a grassy patch with two daisies to the left and right of her feet. The diorama measures approximately 5" tall from grass patch to the tip of Kiniro's pointy horn. Miss Reko and Kiniro are packaged in a cardboard backed blister pack which slips into the mint condition Mushihimesama Limited Edition cardboard box.

Pricing is set at US$27.50 per Reko figure which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Priority Mail normally delivers in 2-3 days. Please note that our shop does not process transactions in real time and orders will be charged US$27.50 only.

MOTD Dreamcast Magazine Vol. 13

Cover: Eternal Arcadia
p6-9 Weekly news courtesy of Gamespot on Rent A Hero, Joypolis venue, Dream Audition coin-op cabinet, Puyo Puyo beverage, and the latest DVDs.
p19 Dreamcast Soft Reviews for two new releases - Super Euro Soccer 2000 (6/5/6) and Sangokushi VI with Power-up Kit (6/7/8).
p20-21 Sakura Taisen 3 promotional event and assorted merchandise.
p24-28 News and an interview from the Game Developers Conference.
p29-37 Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring coverage and interview with Sega's Yuji Naka and Toshihiro Shibazaki.
p38-45 Eternal Arcadia game features, battle system, character profiles, and developer commentary.
p58-59 Samba de Amigo game modes and how to play.
p60-61 Sega Tetris update and game play variations.
p89-95 RPG special with mentions on Diablo, Ultima Online, Baldue's Gate, Stong Age, Majesty, Dark Stone, and the 4th Coming.
p102-103 DDR Club Version Dreamcast Edition track list.
p110-117 Marvel vs Capcom 2 Naomi to DC conversion details.