Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Disgaea USA reproduction DELAY

Atlus has announced a delay for the USA reproduction of Disgaea which was originally scheduled to ship this week. Please note that the new ship date is now early December 2006. Apologies to everyone who submitted preorders in the past couple of weeks but we have no control over the production schedule and changes from Atlus. Thanks for your attention.

Catch the Dots: Solomon's Key

Way before Tecmo dazzled gamers with Dead or Alive, the company stymied them with Solomon's Key. Originally released in 1986, a hero named Dana roams through 50 levels while finding keys to unlock each subsequent level. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Solomon's Key, Tomy has announced a pair of Catch the Dots toys which feature Solomon in one and the Fairy in the other. Each kit contains a single pegboard which measures 7.5cm tall and roughly 100 pegs to create the main characters as well as variants and objects from the game. Preorders ship in Feb 2007.

Jump Ultimate Stars

A promotional flyer for Jump Ultimate Stars has started going out to distributors in Japan. We received a ream of them yesterday. NCS has scanned a flyer which may be viewed here.

Some facts about Jump Ultimate Stars
» Over 300 characters from 40 Shonen Jump manga series, which is 13 more series than Jump Super Stars.
» New A.I. data system and Wi-Fi functionality.
» Even more tactical maneuvers and moves for every fighter
» Jump Super Stars has sold over 500,000 copies since it was released in August 2005.

Early preorders for Jump Ultimate Stars will include a bonus wrist strap which is tethered to a thumb-pointer. Functionality-wise, the thumb-pointer may be used as a sort of stylized stylus in lieu of an actual touch pen.
NCS started preorders last month and all reservations will ship on November 21, 2006. Pricing remains at US$45.90.

Evangelion Mini Display Figure Series 2

Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi, and Akagi Ritsuko are the star attractions in Sega's upcoming Evangelion Miniature Display Figure set which also includes two Evangelion warriors. All of the figures are mounted on mechanical pedestals which may be linked up to each other. Once the five pedestals are side by side and contiguous, rotating one will rotate them all. Each Evangelion figure measures 5.5cm or 2.16" tall and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late February 2007. NCS plans on collecting all five figures together and selling them in complete sets for US$25.

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard Pinky Street Figures

The PS2 Wild Arms Vth Vanguard game ships on December 14, 2006 and Vance Project involves themselves by announcing a set of Pinky Street figures based on the lead heroines from the game.

On the left, Rebecca Streisand sports a pair of ruddy pigtails tied together with yellow ribbons and wears a pink/white ensemble. Rebecca has what we have come to know as "crazy eyes" which are generally signs of insanity. On the right, Avalil Van Freul keeps her wheat-colored locks in place with a hair-braid and dresses up in a fancy schmancy green-blue-yellow outfit with matching boots. She hefts a sword in her right hand and peers at the world with a pair of sedate eyes. Less crazy. The two figures are bundled together in the Wild Arms Vth Vanguard Pinky Street set which is scheduled to ship in mid-late December 2006. Preorders are welcome.

Japanese Import Schedule Updates

NDS Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon Square

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker Square

SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS SNK
PS2 Armored Core Premium Box From Soft

Okami - The Best Capcom

Seiken Densetsu 4 Square

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - The Best Capcom

Vampire Darkstalkers Collection - The Best Capcom
PSP Metal Slug Complete SNK

Parappa the Rapper SCEI

Tales of The World Radiant Mythology Bandai