Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rockman Zero Official Complete Works

Our shipment of Capcom's Rockman art book was misrouted and has traveled around the United States for the past week but the books are finally in stock today. All preorders will ship this afternoon. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any new orders as our entire supply has been allocated to customers already.

Rockman Zero Official Complete Works collects the illustrations of Rockman Zero from his debut in the Rockman X game circa 1993 to the recent Rockman Zero 4. To provide color on the Rockman series, the book also features an 8-page interview with creator Keiji Inafune and crew on their inspiration and goals in creating the popular series.

The book measures A4 size (8.27×11.69") and spans 176 glossy pages. The chapter breakdown is as follows:

p003 Introduction page
p004 Image boards with full page artwork from Rockman Zero games
p018 The Story of Zero with background info and color on the series
p022 Mutual Relations which links characters to one another in a chart
p023 Character artwork for all of the main characters including Zero, Ciel, Resistance members, Neige, Fefnir, Elpis, Dark Eld, Vile, and more.
p059 Enemy artwork with bosses from Rockman Zero to Zero 4 and a look at the grunts who do the dirty work for their overlords.
p109 Cyber Elf System images and artwork for Nurse, Animal, and Hacker.

Special Contents (The best part of the book)
Rough Sketches in color and black & white
p144 Other Illustrations which contains head shots and game logos
p150 Ending Digest - check out the endings for all four Rockman Zero games in screen cap sequences
p152 Memorial Event - special moments and memorable interactions from the Rockman games between characters.
p156 Data Archives - information on weapons, items, characters, etc
p162 Idiom Dictionary with terminology used in the world of Rockman Zero.
p168 Special Interview with Rockman Zero creative staff

All in all, a satisfying book which covers the Rockman Zero series and includes beautiful pieces of artwork from the game.

Samurai Spirits Iroha 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

Ever since Iroha appeared in Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten, toy manufacturers have been busy crafting and shipping their interpretations of the loyal maid. Lilics by way of Cerberus Project throws their hat into the ring with a rounder, younger, and perhaps sweeter Iroha who swoops in like a crane while brandishing her blades Hourin and Ousai. Originally released as a 1/7 scale resin model kit which required painstaking assembly, glue, and paint, the new release is fully assembled and masterfully painted at the factory.

Fixed Pose: Iroha perches her entire frame on one foot while her arms swing back to accentuate her majestic figure. She's dressed in her regulation issue maid uniform but her bosom is more exposed than they were in previous sculpts from other artists. Her bottom is just as bare however... At 1/8 scale, Iroha clocks in at 20cm or 7.87" tall. A transparent base is included for display purposes. Preorders are scheduled to ship in mid-late November 2006 at JPY6500 or US$60 from NCS.

Samurai Spirits Iroha 1/8 Scale PVC Variant

Borne from the body of a crane, Iroha is a maid who serves her master with unrelenting devotion. Iroha also slashes and kicks up a storm in the Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten game where she matches blows with the likes of Haohmaru and the nigh indomitable Kusaregedo.

Lilics has already announced a molded version of their Iroha figure which ships fully assembled but they have also opened preorders for a color variant where Iroha's black and white outfit is replaced with a brighter red and white maid's uniform. Other than the color change, the figure is identical to the original version which measures 20cm or 7.87" tall. A black circular base is also included for display purposes. Preorders ship in late Nov 2006.

Illumination Cube

Megahouse has started preorders for a product dubbed an "Illumination Cube" which sports a total of 54 squares on its cube surface. Each square may flash one of three colors - red, green, and yellow. The Illumination Cube can stand alone and blink its lights in random fashion but it was designed to accept the output from a music player via physical cable connection (3.5mm stereo mini plug). Once the music starts to play, the lights sync to the beat and blink in unison to the tempo of the tune. Use it in a disco dive and replace the glittering mirror ball of yore. Preorders are scheduled to ship in late October at JPY5800 or US$55 from NCS.

Gun X Sword: Full Action Dann Figure

When Van of the animation Gun X Sword needs to crater armored foes, he calls upon the mighty robot dubbed "Dann of Thursday." By performing a few stuttered gesticulations, Van summons Dann who zooms into the battlefield from somewhere high above. Van then enters Dann's chest cavity, positions himself for piloting duties, and maneuvers the acrobatic robot like a champ. When fighting,, Dann dashes to and fro like a whirling dervish with lanky legs and carries a thick-bladed sword which may be twirled around like a baton.

Max Factory's Full Action Dann Figure features an articulated and posable Dann which measures an impressive 31cm or 12.20" tall. Along with the main robot figure, a sword attachment is included which may be gripped in Dann's clenched hands. Preorders are scheduled to ship in mid-late Nov.